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Are you facing difficulty in staying awake during the day? Is narcolepsy troubling you? Modalert is the solution. It is very effective for treating daytime sleepiness triggered by narcolepsy (a sleep disorder). Thanks to Modalert, many people have improved wakefulness by staying awake during the daytime & experienced a minimized tendency of falling asleep during the day. Modalert is mostly recommended for people who experience disturbed sleep cycles. This wakefulness-promoting medication is very helpful for people experiencing sleep disorders like excessive daytime sleepiness, hallucinations, sleep paralysis, muscular control loss (effects of cataplexy), etc.


Who can use Modalert?
People with shift work disorders, people working in night shifts, those who want to enhance their cognitive reactions, who’re willing to brighten their moods; and those suffering from Narcolepsy are prescribed with Modalert (Modafinil).

modalert 200
Modvigil 200

Modvigil stands among the best medicines called analeptic drugs. People suffering from extreme sleepiness due to narcolepsy or similar sleep disorders are prescribed with Modvigil. It also treats obstructive sleep apnea. Its basic functioning is to balance the waking hours & treat sleep difficulty symptoms among people who live a stressful life where sleeping hours aren’t fixed or keep rotating. Modvigil 200 is mostly preferred by people who cannot concentrate on work during the day due to excessive insomnia conditions. It is used by shift workers, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc. who need full focus during work without any diversions.

The ideal dosage of Modvigil is once per day & this oral pill should only be used on prescription for safe handling of this drug.

Major Use: Narcolepsy, Shift Work Disorder & Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Active Ingredient: Modafinil

Is muscle pain getting on your nerves? Pain O Soma is the ultimate muscle relaxant you need. This oral tablet works best for treating muscular pain & discomfort by becoming the pain-blocker between the nerves & the brain. Strains, sprains, and acute musculoskeletal pain conditions are best treated by Pain O Soma tablets.

Pain O Soma is often known as Carisoprodol too. It is prescribed with rest & physical therapies so that patients feel maximum relief from muscle pain. The best thing is you only need to take it for the maximum duration of 2 to 3 weeks. Just use it before bedtime & it will work its magic.

Pain O Soma
Waklert smart pills

As the name suggests, Waklert is a wakefulness-promoting pill that communicates with the neurotransmitters of the brain & empowers it with superhuman powers to stay alert & focused for a longer duration than usual. It lets you get better control to oversleep & prevents you from falling asleep during the day for getting a good night’s sleep.

Waklert is a prescription medicine that may show addictive features if used for the long term. Well, your doctor will guide you with safe ways to discontinue Waklert whenever necessary. Waklert is a popular narcolepsy medication used by college toppers & students during examinations to focus on studies, businessmen, night-time workers, etc. It is preferred by people who want 100% concentration & memory improvements in whatever they do.

Major Use: Narcolepsy, Wakefulness Promotion

Active Ingredient: Armodafinil


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Students / Examinees / Professors / Researchers

Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

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Amateur Athletes / Physical Trainers / Gym Pro’s / Sports persons


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Executives / Programmers / Lawyers / Accountants / Engineers

Gaming Champs & Designers

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VideoGame Enthusiasts / Creative Professionals / Graphic Designers


I am a college student, I have taken this medicine for awake during my complexity period, I was experiencing that it is a miracle. it helps to awake for me a long time and also give strength to doing work.

Emma Smith

As an business man i am on very stress and sometime have not enough sleep so for me to remain fresh everytime bit difficult then my one of friend suggest me about this pill and i have ordered from alldayawake, this was my first experience with them but they were awesome i have received my order on time, very responsive.

Jhon Bravo

I started taking this med about a year ago and I am now taking 2 pills of 200mg each day. I have been told that I have narcolepsy and this is the only med that has worked for me.

Noah Scott

I have used for long time it’s a good medicine and very effective for alerting our mind during hard work session. This pills not given any harmfull effect.

Patricia Sierra

I was always tired always taking naps wow what a difference. my wife said to me its so nice just to see your face instead of your back side over 2 years just got uped

Liam Brown

I have read this smart drug and I have taken this pill to increase my cognitive performance. I felt really good. Thank you…

Allen Gomez
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