Is COVID-19 Making Us Mentally Devastated? What Is The Truth?

It’s been a year talking about COVID-19 now. 

We have been facing this pandemic with heavy hearts and like a termite; it is destroying us from within. What we see from the outside is the loss of lives, joblessness, fear of losing loved ones, growing concerns for health, and similar issues. Most of us don’t pay attention to mental health problems, growing stress, and fatigue & insomnia.

The COVID-19 outbreak itself significantly increased the prevalence of anxiety, depression, and insomnia as compared to the pre-COVID period. This especially applies to healthcare workers who have been working restlessly. Adverse psychological reactions and mental health disorders became more pronounced among adults. And it has to lead us to a now or never scenario. Let’s talk about the very first change we all witnessed with stay-at-home or lockdown times. Work from home it is.


Work from home: How smooth it went?

If you ask employees regarding how they managed work from home and private life, you’ll find a common tone in their answers – ‘stressful’. 


To be honest, the fine line between personal and professional life got blurred during the lockdown. Distractions at home also affected the quality of work. Reduced supervision & direction made it difficult for some employees to accomplish the tasks. Employees felt drained with extended or endless working hours. That 9 to 5 did not exist anymore as we started living in PJs.

Those who had to be on the public duties – healthcare workers, policemen, and more of such social servants started living with stress. They had to be their bravest, no matter what. The extended shifts and constant flow of patients at the hospital devastated the lives of healthcare workers. Some of them had to rely on Modalert too.

Modalert, also known as a limitless pill, is treating excessive daytime sleepiness. When healthcare workers have it, they can stay awake actively with a reduced tendency of falling asleep during working hours. Additionally, it aids in restoring the normal sleep cycle too.

Not just this, people who were chopped off as an extra layer of employees remained jobless for months. Earning daily bread during stay-at-home situations became their major life struggle. Anxiety, stress, and depression snatched away from their sleep.

On the other hand, social isolation left us living with an odd of fearing people. People became more concerned regarding family health and hygiene. Besides keeping up with work deadlines, family concerns became a center of attraction too.


Health Issues that roped in with COVID-19

COVID-19 being a pandemic, is affecting lives globally. It is one of the major health issues that left our lives threatened. The year has changed, the disease has not subsided. It left us frightened to leave our homes and also manipulated our routine life with mental health problems and sleep-related disorders. People who never bothered about stress started living with it full-time and fatigue accompanied too.

This made us rethink these health issues that should be addressed as soon as possible.


Poor Mental Health

Mental health problems also referred to as psychiatric disorders, were common. However, poor mental hygiene started interfering with lives more during the pandemic. Needless to say that, the pandemic is increasing demand for mental health services.


What triggers this issue is bereavement, loss of income, isolated lifestyle, fear, etc. As a result, increased alcohol consumption, drug use, anxiety, and insomnia kicked in.

COVID-19 can be held responsible for causing neurological and mental complications like stroke, agitation, and delirium. Medicines like Waklert promote wakefulness and increase attentiveness and productivity. However, people with pre-existing neurological, mental, and substance use disorders are more vulnerable to suffering.

  • According to WHO, 60% of people reported disruptions to mental health services that include 72% children, 70% of adults, and 61% of women
  • 30% of people reported that they have experienced disruptions for medications for mental, neurological, and substance use disorders


Sleep Disorders

One can only sleep well when their physical and mental health is reasonably aligned. As COVID-19 disrupted the normal sleep cycle, it got quite difficult to get 8 peaceful hours of sleep. This led to sleepless episodes, mood swings during the daytime, REM sleep behavior, tiredness, and nightmares.

Looking at the causes behind sleep disorders, we see the overuse of technology, limitless binge-watching, trauma, increased use of social media, etc. This further affected physical health and people became obese, suffered from hypertension, and got metabolic syndromes, and so on. Medicines like Modvigil helped to cope up with sleep disorders and increased attentiveness. But, how long will we rely on medications?


Stress & Fatigue

Poor Sleep Quality, increasing pressure of work-from-home, and the meeting ends during COVID-19 will likely cause trauma. The necessity of increasing fatigue resistance and mood-boosting came under the light. Sleep-deprived healthcare providers needed brain function enhancements. Also, fatigue levels, motivation, reaction time, and vigilance were to be maintained.

Modafinil and bio-hacking capabilities of this medicine became effective in coping up with such situations. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to withstand the effects of this cognitive enhancer medication. It’s important to consult the doctor, learn about the pros and cons, and then use the pills if prescribed with it.


Where do we stand now and how can we handle things?

COVID-19 era is not over yet. We are still living under the pandemic that has swept lives worldwide. The communities are suffering globally. Many people confess that they don’t feel the same enthusiasm for work as they had before COVID-19. Though medications are under development, most people still suffer from the health issues we have discussed above.

All we can do for now is seeking medical help even if we see minor signs of any mental health disorders, sleep disorders, and the like. Let us suggest to you some effective ways to cope up with the stress.

  • Stick to the safety measures like wearing masks, using sanitizers, avoiding public gatherings, and more of which the government recommends.
  • Allow yourself to explore areas that keep your mind happier. For instance, adopt reading habits, listen to calming music, etc.
  • Prioritize self-care by making necessary lifestyle changes like regular exercising, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and have well-balanced meals.
  • One of the best ways to de-stress is doing more of what you love the most. You may travel to safer places nearby.
  • Get yourself & your family vaccinated when the COVID-19 vaccine is available.
  • Feel free to talk to your loved ones on the phone or on video calls more often. Not only you, but they will be feeling good too.
  • Help someone out if you think they’re suffering from stress or suicidal thoughts.
  • Find out medications that do the job of relief during such stressing times. It will be a lot easier to get good sleep, increase attentiveness, and perform daily activities normally.


In Conclusion

Everyone can’t maintain a healthy state of mind when things around us are unstable. Similarly, it is unhealthy to stay in stressful & depressed mode forever during COVID-19. All you need is to get help from a trained counselor. You can tell them what you are afraid of discussing with anyone’s help. You can do it with the assurance that they will understand what you’re going through and will come up with effective solutions.

COVID-19 scenario has a major effect on our lives and facing such challenges can be an overwhelming experience for most of us. But, we can make it though! Learning to cope up with stressful situations in a healthier way will make you feel the positivity & you can pass it on further to your loved ones too. It’s time to get more resilient.

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