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    When it comes to smart pills, almost everyone wants to try them out. They’ve now become very popular for enhancing cognitive functions with zero risks. If you’re up to buying smart pills in the USA or Australia or getting prescribed one, we got you!

    Let’s have a glance at everything that smart pills are and how you can use them for your benefit.

    What do you mean by Smart Pills?

    Smart pills, as the name suggests, can make you function smartly. Don’t mistake these medicines to make you smarter beyond limits. They’re meant for optimizing your brain functions so that you make better decisions, and stay active, alert, and focused for up to 12 to 15 hours. Needless to say, they’re oral remedies prescribed to people wanting more from their life.

    The human body is designed to work well when it rests well. Otherwise, it’ll be all messed up. In case you aren’t getting enough sleep, the chance for work-life imbalance prevails. On the other hand, if you’re too tired, you’ll fail to accomplish life goals or make good decisions. For overcoming such situations gracefully, you may use smart drugs as and when required. With this said, please find that smart pills are safe yet not suggested for use regularly. They’re on-demand medicines and should prefer only when utmost essential.

    Common Ingredients of Smart Pills

    • Modafinil

    This active ingredient sells by its name. It is an FDA-approved smart drug prescribed for promoting wakefulness and alertness for up to 12 hours. You’ll find it in standard doses of 100mg, 200mg & 400mg (the highest dosage is prescribed in exceptionally rare cases). Modafinil is the active content of Modalert, Modvigil, Modafresh, and more.

    • Armodafinil 

    Armodafinil has coined a name in the world of nootropics & is a celebrated smart drug. It is prescribed to people willing to stay active and focused for up to 15 hours. This medication has a longer half-life and more wakefulness hours than Modafinil. However, it isn’t meant for use daily. You’ll find it as active content in Waklert.

    Examples of Smart Pills

    This list contains our bestsellers in the smart drugs category. If you’re prescribed any of these, feel free to shop them with

    • Modalert
    • Modvigil
    • Artvigil
    • Waklert
    • Vilafinil
    • Modaheal
    • Modafresh

    Are nootropics and limitless pills the same?

    Yes, they’re the same. Nootropics is the term used when smart pills are prescribed for treating short-term sleep disorders. For instance, narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, etc. Limitless pills are the synonym for smart pills which refers to endless brain performance, sharp memory & optimized quality of life.

    Former Uses & Benefits of Smart Pills

    The frontline use of smart pills is for the infinite performance of the human brain. These medications are meant for the extraordinary utilization of cognitive skills possessed by the brain. As a result, they became increasingly popular for:

    1. Non-stop physical and mental performance of up to 15 hours
    2. Improved decision making
    3. More activeness throughout the day
    4. Motivated Mindset
    5. Increased energy & productivity
    6. 100% focus & concentration
    7. Treatment of short-term sleep disorders

    Risks/Side Effects Associated with Smart Drugs

    Follow the simple rule for handling smart drugs safely – they should not use regularly or in more amounts than prescribed. Some people using smart drugs as per medical guidance still experience some adverse effects. Here are the possible side effects of these medicines.

    • Nausea
    • Upset stomach
    • Nervousness
    • Hallucination
    • Chest pain
    • Swelling
    • Skin rash
    • Back pain
    • Diarrhoea
    • Breathing problem
    • Headache
    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
    • Fever

    Talk to your doctor if any of these adverse effects take a toll on your quality of life.

    Smart Pills have some Drug Interactions too!

    You cannot use any medicine randomly with smart pills. Some medications need to pause or stopped for as long as you take smart drugs. Let us introduce some common drug interactions here. Inform your doctor beforehand if you’re already using any of them and seek guidance on handling them safely.

    • Avanafil
    • Alprazolam
    • Amphetamine
    • Esketamine
    • Clonazepam
    • Codeine
    • Daclatasvir
    • Oxycodone
    • Sildenafil
    • Carisoprodol
    • Tramadol
    • Cyclobenzaprine
    • Citalopram
    • Zolpidem
    • Diazepam
    • Hydrocodone
    • Eszopiclone

    What is the interaction of smart drugs with alcohol?

    By the time we’ve discussed interaction with medicines, let us not forget that alcohol can interfere performance of smart drugs. It is not suggested to take alcoholic beverages or grapefruit juice with smart pills. Such beverages can make the user feel dizzy/drowsy which isn’t required as you’re trying to stay awake. Similarly, caffeinated drinks should avoid while on treatment with nootropics. Your brain doesn’t need a dose of caffeine as it is already fully awake and active by smart drugs.

    Can pregnant/breastfeeding women use smart pills?

    Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not prefer smart drugs. Though these medicines are labelled safe, they can have adverse impacts on the foetus in the womb and breastfeeding child too. Both mother and child’s life can be at risk.

    Chances for Sleep Disturbances with Smart Pills

    You need to take your dosage consciously. Smart drugs should never consume closer to your bedtime. If used (even mistakenly), you’ll be wide awake and fail to get rest or sleep. As you know, this medicine has the major purpose of promoting wakefulness and alertness. Therefore, using it a few hours before going to bed will eliminate the possibilities of sleep when desired.

    The key to avoiding such situations is to stick to your ideal dosage regime suggested by the physician. In case any dose is missed then skip it. But, don’t use missed doses after half of the day has passed or you’ll be sleeping anytime soon.

    Mechanism of Action

    This medicine improves the performance of the human brain. It should give you a blurry idea that it works by interacting with the natural mechanism of the brain. Active contents like Modafinil and Armodafinil are wakefulness-promoting agents. They work by pairing with the neurotransmitters called dopamine in the brain and accelerating their functions. Dopamine is known for relaying positivity, energy & motivation in humans. Thus, when your dopamine level is high, you’ll naturally feel motivated to work & take on any challenges.


    • Make sure you take smart pills once per day and no more than thrice a week.
    • Swallow one whole pill with a glass of water on timings suggested by the physician.
    • The pill should not chew, crushed, or split.
    • What matters here is the dosage timing. So, try not to miss your dose. If missed, skip it and use the next scheduled dose.
    • Take smart pills only if you can stay up for around 12 or 15 hours.

    Possibilities for Overdose

    There is no way you should think about overdosing. Even if it seems tempting, it is a red flag! Overdosing can lead to mental imbalance and addiction. Sometimes, overdosing leads to harmful effects on health immediately. The patient could remain awake constantly and it becomes difficult to minimize those symptoms. If you ever overdosed by mistake, rush for medical help.

    Duration of Treatment

    Smart Pills often mesmerize users with their performance and you may feel like keep using them endlessly. Alas! It isn’t possible to use them regularly or for a longer period. These medicines are used when most essential. Also, they should not take more than twice or thrice per week. After using them for a month or two, keep a gap of one month before you prefer to use them again. Seek further guidance on this from your healthcare provider.


    • Smart drugs are for adults aged above 18 years. So, if you’re under 18 and willing to try it out, stop right here!
    • If you don’t find your prescribed dose effective, talk to your doctor. Avoid increasing dosage amount or frequency randomly.
    • Never use any medicines with smart pills or use them in combination with other nootropics.


    • Read the label of your prescription smart drug before starting treatment. Don’t use the medicine if you’re allergic to any active or non-active ingredient.
    • This medicine is not suggested for everyday use. Avoid its regular intake else you’ll become addicted and reversal would be impossible.
    • Never start or stop this medicine unnecessarily. Consult your doctor and follow their guidance for using and discontinuing this drug safely. And if you notice any abnormality, pause treatment and visit your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

    Two Cents

    Smart pills are medical wonders and if you’re lucky and needy, you’ll get to try them out. Make sure you get a prescription and abide by the same for experiencing the benefits of smart drugs. These medicines work best when consumed according to medical guidance. Stop the treatment when you don’t need them anymore.

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