Pregabalin 500 mg

Lyrikare 500 Mg (PREGABALIN)



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Active Ingredient Pregabalin
Indication: Neuropathic pain
Manufacturer: Winlife Pharma
Packaging 15 Capsules in 1 Strip
Strength 500mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
Dosages 500mg
Pack Size 180 Capsules, 300 Capsules, 90 Capsules
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Lyrikare 500 Mg (PREGABALIN)

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What is Lyrikare 500?

Lyrikare 500 is approved to treat neuropathic pain induced by impaired nerves because of diabetes, shingles, or spinal cord damage in grown-ups, and fibromyalgia which is ache all over your body in adults.

How does Lyrikare 500 work?

Lyrikare 500 is believed to function by managing the injured in your body that may induce pain. This main ingredient normally begins functioning instantly after you accept your first dosage. However, it may accept some days to begin seeing the medication’s effect.

The influences of this active element should stay as long as you continue accepting it as specified. When your medical expert advises stopping this medicine, this Pain relief medication will generally stay in your system for around 6 and half hours after your last dosage. It is possible to resume encountering the impacts of this active ingredient after you quit carrying the drug, specifically during this time of 6 and half hours. The medicine may also be seen in your urine throughout this period and for a while later.

Understanding Neuropathic Pain

  • Definition and Causes:

Neuropathic pain is nerve ache that can occur when your nervous system is harmed. Your CNS contains your spinal cord and brain.  Other causes of neuropathic pain consist of vitamin B deficiency, thyroid issues, facial nerve concerns, and arthritis in the spine

  • Symptoms:

Each symptom of neuropathic ache may differ a little, however these signs are hitting, burning, or piercing pain, and numbness, or pins and needles sensing unexpected pain, pain that happens without a trigger, stimulated pain, or aches that are induced by circumstances that are normally not hurting like living in freezing temperatures, problem sleeping or relaxing, emotional issues as a consequence of pain, sleep loss, and problem expressing how you are feeling.

  • Impact on Daily Life:

A few individuals with neuropathic ache may encounter raised signs after sitting for many hours. This might make desk day office jobs too difficult to achieve. Bodily, relaxation, and massage treatments are all utilized to relieve signs of pain. States of therapy can assist ease muscles.

Medical expert can also instruct you on methods to manage your pain. A body therapist can guide you through strategies for sitting, extending, standing, and movement to stop pain.

Relief for musculoskeletal pain means acute or chronic pain that involves bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and precise nerves, and the discomfort linked with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions is a typical medical and socioeconomic situation worldwide

Benefits of Lyrikare 500

Stress Reduction:

    It lessens the release of brain chemicals that have a stimulating influence. It can take a little time for this active element to begin assisting with anxiety. In most clinical tests, researchers saw somebody getting relief from the signs of stress by week four of accepting this active element.

    Improved Sleep Quality:

    Sleep time and sleep efficiency remarkably enhanced in this active ingredient group corresponded to the other group but in other rankings of sleep quality, no considerable difference is seen between the two groups.

    Enhanced Mood:

    When you feel this medication is inducing mood changes, talk to your medical expert as you may require a modification of this drug. You and your healthcare expert should monitor for any unusual shifts in your behaviour and mood. This drug can induce new mental health and behaviour issues.

    Who can benefit from Lyrikare 500?

    Lyrikare 500 can benefit individuals who are facing troubles and pains but this may not be beneficial to you. This Pain management medication is most appropriate for grown-ups. It might not be right for individuals more aged than 65. Do not give it to children under 18. This active ingredient is not proper for some individuals. To make sure it is safe for you, inform your medical expert if you have ever had an allergic reaction to this active element or any other drug. When you are attempting to get pregnant, already pregnant, or breastfeeding.

    When you are on a regulated sodium diet, your kidneys do not function well. Take this medicine by mouth with water. Accept it as mandated by the medical expert at the same duration everyday. You can accept it with or without meals. When it disturbs your stomach, accept it with food. Maintain taking it unless your medical expert advises you to quit. Speak to your healthcare expert regarding the usage of this medicine in kids.

    Interactions with Other Medications

    Pregabalin may interact with other drugs. To support detour interactions, your medical professional should handle all of your medicines carefully. Be certain to tell your medical specialist about all drugs, vitamins, or herbs you are accepting.

    Some of these drugs Interactions include:

    Alcohol, Antihistamines for allergies, cough, and cold, Particular drugs for anxiety or sleep, Specific medicines for BP, and heart conditions, Specific drugs for depression such as amitriptyline, Specific medicines for diabetes such as pioglitazone, Specific medicines for seizures such as phenobarbital, General anesthetics and Narcotic drugs for pain.

    This list may not represent all potential interactions. Provide your healthcare expert with all the medicines, herbs, non-prescription medicines, or dietary supplements you utilize. Chronic pain medication is a drug utilized for chronic pain consisting of pain relievers, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants.


    Lyrikare 500 consists of Pregabalin, which comes from a class of medications known as anticonvulsants. A class of medications is a group of drugs that function similarly. These medications are frequently utilized to medicate similar situations. WinlifePharma is the manufacturer of this medicine. Acute pain management occurs unexpectedly, creates sharp or severe pain, and acts as a warning signal of illness to the body.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Is Lyrikare 500 addictive?

    Addiction to Pregabalin which main ingredient is more typical in individuals who accept it for unwanted causes. Accepting this medicine more than the suggested dosages or accepting it for a long time may even cause addiction. In addition to that, any individual who has a record of medication abuse should never utilize this drug. In the matter you sense you are becoming physically dependent on this drug, notify your medical expert immediately.

    2) How long does it take for Lyrikare 500 Mg to start working?

    It may take a few weeks to notice the full advantages of taking this drug. Nevertheless, individuals have encountered relief from pain after a week of beginning this drug. This medicine generally begins functioning immediately after you accept your first dose. However, it may accept a few days to begin seeing the medication’s impact.

    3) Are there any age restrictions for using Lyrikare 500?

    This medicine is not authorized for usage by someone who is less than 18 years old to medicate nerve pain induced by different conditions.

    4) Can I take Lyrikare 500 if I’m pregnant or nursing?

    Accepting pregabalin which is active ingredient of this drug during pregnancy may little raise the possibility of birth defects in the baby. You will usually only be recommended to accept it when your medical expert thinks the advantages of the drug outweigh the threats. It is essential to keep accepting this medicine to keep you well. This active element passes into breast milk in small portions, and it is unlikely to induce side influences in your baby.


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