Tadalista 60mg

Tadalista 60 MG



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Active Ingredient Tadalafil
Manufacturers Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Indications Erectile Dysfunction
Strength 60mg
Packaging 10 Tablets in 1 Strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
Dosages 60mg
Pack Size 120 Tablet, 150 Tablet, 300 Tablet, 90 Tablet
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Tadalista 60 MG

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Don’t lose your relationship to erectile dysfunction! This sexual health disorder is undoubtedly frustrating but it can be reversed. Oral treatments like Tadalista 60 could minimize the symptoms of ED in no time & the best part – you can use this medicine for years (only if your doctor approves…).

Buy Tadalista 60 online if you have a prescription beforehand. Some websites also allow buying Tadalista 60 online without a prescription too. Well, it’s your choice whether you’re willing to move ahead under medical supervision or not. But, we can assure you you’ll get 100% high-quality healthcare supplies if you shop them with us.

Here is everything you should know about Tadalista 60.

What is Tadalista 60?

Tadalista 60 is one of the best oral remedies for impotence in males. It minimizes the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) naturally and boosts sex drive for around 5 hours. Thanks to Tadalafil (the PDE5 inhibitor), the active content of this ED medicine, it is also known as a generic Tadalafil tablet.

In case you’re willing to boost your libido then Tadalista 60 could help. But, it cannot help men in treating any other sexual health disorders. Moreover, it is not something you can rely on for causing sexual arousal. It cannot help in curing sexually transmitted diseases either. So, make it clear to your healthcare provider why you want to use Tadalista 60 mg tablets.

Uses of Tadalista 60

Tadalista 60 is used for improving the following health conditions:

  • Impotence or ED in males
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)

Tadalista 60 Benefits: What makes it a go-to male enhancer pill?

You’ll crush over the benefits of Tadalista 60 as you start using this medicine. Meanwhile, have a look at them below:

  • Tadalista 60 is the high-power ED medicine
  • It treats impotence naturally & without major side effects
  • Men can gain desired erections within 30 minutes
  • Sexual intimacies can last for up to 5 hours
  • Mostly safe for use for over a year

Tadalista 60 Working: What is the mode of action for improving erections?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the working of Tadalista 60 then we’re sharing it here. Before we begin, we would like to share that this ED medicine works if a man performs romance. Lovemaking is the only way to trigger the activation of Tadalafil.

Once Tadalafil activates, it boosts the cGMP enzyme cycle and prevents its breakdown. This impotence medicine also dilates blood vessels in the male genitals. Additionally, it releases stress around the smooth pelvic floor muscles & releases pressure from the lungs too. It also ensures that the veins carrying blood to the penis remain unblocked for faster & unstoppable blood transmission therein. Finally, the penis receives adequate blood for supporting and sustaining stronger erections.

Men can also experience sexual pleasure with reduced reuptake duration. In other words, men can get stronger erections easily after ejaculating once. This ED medicine remains effective for an overall duration of 5 hours. Isn’t it enough for making love to your partner?!

How you are supposed to use Tadalista 60 mg tablets perfectly?

  • Tadalista 60 mg tablets should be used according to the instructions given by the healthcare provider. Make sure you don’t use it beyond the suggested dose.
  • This male enhancer pill must be taken an hour or 30 minutes before making love to your partner.
  • Swallow one whole Tadalista 60 pill with a glass of water.
  • Don’t break, crush, or chew the tablet.
  • You may prefer using it with or without food. But, if you expect it to be effective faster then take it without having meals.
  • Skip driving or perform any attention-requiring activities after using Tadalista 60.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or limit its intake to a glass or two while you’re taking this impotence pill.

Tadalista 60 Side Effects

Some men experience any of the following side effects. It’s normal to see them in mild to moderate form. However, if they grow worse then call on emergency helpline number immediately.

  • Flushed face
  • Blurry vision
  • Redness of skin
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Back pain
  • Body pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Ringing in ears
  • Dizziness

The following list contains rare side effects of Tadalista 60. They’re adverse ones & may be life-threatening in no time. Make sure to find medical help immediately if any of them appear.

  • Chest pain
  • Blood in urine
  • Painful erections
  • Increasing heartbeat
  • Erections lasting for more than 5 hours

What are the contradicting drugs with Tadalista 60?

It is a good practice to disclose your medicines to your doctor before using Tadalista 60mg. Some medicines might clash with Tadalafil and hence they must not be used along with this ED medicine. Here are a few of them. Tell your doctor if you’re using any of them already or other medications.

  • Beta-blockers
  • HIV/AIDS medicines
  • Antidepressants
  • Sleeping pills
  • Medicines containing nitrates
  • Antifungal medicines
  • Alternative ED medicines

Things you should keep in mind while using Tadalista 60…

  • Use Tadalista 60mg upon prescription only. It is important to get a prescription to ensure that it is safe as per your current medical health conditions.
  • This male enhancer medication might not be for men with cardiovascular disease. It is also unsuitable for men having kidney or liver disease, high/low blood pressure, lung disease, etc.
  • You should not use this impotence pill with any contradicting drugs. Also, don’t take this one if you’re already using alternative ED medicine.
  • Inform your doctor regarding allergies (if any) or surgeries. Tell your doctor if you develop any allergies after using this impotence pill.
  • Tadalista 60 is not for women. Don’t give it to women especially if they’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Tadalafil is extremely harmful to the fetus in the womb as well as to breastmilk-fed children.
  • It is not for children below the age of 18 years.
  • You may discontinue this ED pill under medical guidance only. It is important to talk to your doctor before stopping to take Tadalista 60mg otherwise you may see withdrawal symptoms.
  • Don’t share your Tadalista 60mg dosage with anyone.

Tadalista 60mg Reviews

“I’m not a first-time user of ED medications. I can say that I’ve already used almost all versions of this impotence medicine. Finally, I settled for the highest dosage and I’m already in love with this one. It is a better version as I get erections in no time with lasting intimacies of around 5 hours. The best thing is I don’t have to worry about negative symptoms.”


  • Tadalista 60mg can be kept in a cool and dry place.
  • This ED medicine should be stored out of reach of children.


1) Does Tadalista 60 treat ED permanently?

No, this ED medicine reverses the symptoms of impotence for a while. In other words, you won’t see softer erections for as long as you take Tadalista 60mg. Once you stop using this medicine, you’ll start witnessing the symptoms of ED again.

2) What if Tadalista 60 is not working?

It may take a few days or some weeks for a man’s body to gel with Tadalafil. However, if you think a lot of time has lapsed and you’re not seeing results then see your doctor. Don’t double your dosage for increasing the effectiveness of this ED medicine.

3) How to treat the side effects of Tadalista 60?

Generally, the common side effects will not require any medical attention. But, the rare side effects would want you to see the doctor immediately. Ask your doctor for more on this.

4) How much Tadalista 60 is too much?

Tadalista 60mg is used only once per day. Don’t take more than the dosage suggested by your doctor.

5) What if you forget to use your Tadalista 60 dosage?

If you forgot to take Tadalista 60mg dosage then take it as soon as you remember. But, don’t use that missed dose immediately if you’ll be taking the next planned dose in a few hours.


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