Vegro 50 MG

Vegro 50 MG



Active Ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Manufacturers HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd
Indications Erectile Dysfunction
Strength 50mg
Packaging 10 Tablets in Strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Vegro 50 MG

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Introduction to Vegro 50mg

Physical intimacy is crucial in a relationship, if both partners are satisfied with each other in bed the overall health of the relationship is up to the mark and that relationship lasts till the end.

There are major percentages of divorces that are led by an unsatisfied sexual relationship. When a man goes through the condition of erectile dysfunction or impotency he is unable to give sexual contentment to his wife or partner.

All the issues begin from here, and that is why a man must address his issue of ED as soon as possible.

Going to the health provider to seek the solution is a great idea and with just one pill you can overcome your issue of erectile dysfunction.

Vegro with a 50 mg dose is one of the medicines with efficacy and a proven track record of solving the issue. You can Buy Vegro 50mg from online pharmacies with an authorized prescription.

Buy Vegro 50mg Online USA

You can Buy Vegro 50mg Online in the USA, there are multiple online platforms available to do so. One of the most famous and popular portals is This website always offers discounts so with a low Vegro 50mg Price it will be a bit easy on your pocket.

The core element of this med Sildenafil is approved in the USA so it is legal to buy and sell this product.   

What is Vegro 50mg?

Vegro 50mg is a Sildenafil based tablet that is beneficiary for men who have erectile dysfunction. This medicine is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceutical and Research Ltd India. It is one of the leading companies in the healthcare sector and since its inception is providing new brands to fight against various diseases.

This blue tablet-formed medicine comes in striped packaging with 10 pills per strip.

Benefits of Vegro 50mg 

There are multiple benefits of this tablet, there are some direct benefits related to erectile dysfunction and there are some indirect ones.

Direct benefits: 

  • Calms down blood containers and muscles
  • Let the blood flow in the penis smoothly and in ample amount
  • Let you get a firm and extended erection
  • Makes you able to perform sexual activity for a longer period

Indirect benefits: 

  • Regularize your sexual life
  • Let you get rid of the embarrassment and shyness of not performing in bed
  • Increase the health of your relationship
  • Brings your focus back on daily and office works
  • You will feel a new rise of positivity in life

How Does It Work?

To easily understand how this medicine works, let’s first understand what happens when the condition of erectile dysfunction develops in a man.

What is erectile dysfunction? 

When blood containers and muscles of the penis get congested the flow of the blood is distracted and the penis doesn’t get a firm and extended erection.

The reasons for this condition could be both physical and mental. Physical reasons could be any surgeries, severe diseases and related medicinal side effects, smoking, alcohol, etc. Mental reasons could be stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

This is how the medicine works 

Vegro 50 mg has Sildenafil as a core element which is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, it calms down the blood containers and muscles of the penis and lets the blood flow with an ample amount, and this way a firm and extended erection is achieved.

With a firm and extended erection, a man can pursue intercourse for a longer time and both the partners can experience satisfaction from their sexual activities.


You have to be very specific regarding your Vegro 50mg dosage that is prescribed by your health provider. Do follow the dose and instructions provided for the best results.


Don’t let it happen, an overdose can cause side effects that you don’t want. But if by chance you do overdose and you see any side effects that stay for long then immediately connect with your doctor to seek further guidance. Also, Vegro 100mg is other dose.

Missed dose: 

If you realize that you have missed a dose the next thing you should do is to check the time of the next one. If it is near then take that one or if not then take the missed one. But take care you don’t double dose the medicine.

Side Effects of Vegro 50mg 

  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Vision blur
  • Indigestion
  • Chest pain
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Too long erection

These are not all the side effects that may occur but there are many more, this is just a list of examples. If you observe these or any other side effects please connect with your doctor for further guidance.

Precautions and Warnings of Vegro 50mg 

To get treated and get the best result while you take this med, you need to know and follow some precautions and warnings regarding this med.

  • Kidney 

Taking this med is safe if you have kidney issues, but you need to make your health provider for your issues.

  • Liver 

With caution, you can use this med if have any liver conditions. Inform your doctor in detail what liver issues you have with all the former reports, if you are advised for new reports and tests do so.

  • Pregnancy

No data is found that would give enough information regarding the use of this med during pregnancy. It is up to your health provider so you need to get connected for further guidance.

  • Breastfeeding 

No data is available to confirm whether women who are breastfeeding can use this med or not so you should connect with your health provider for further guidance.

  • Driving 

You cannot drive with dizziness and visions blur which this medicine brings, so, if you ever feel this adversity doesn’t drive.

  • Alcohol 

There is enough evidence that shows how alcohol can create side effects with the interaction with this med so do not consume it.

Vegro 50mg Reviews 

HAB Pharmaceutical and Research Ltd., the manufacturer of Vegro 50mg is a well-established and responsible company from India.

There is some amazing customer Vegro 50mg Reviews below:


It has been 6 months but I started positive results in just few days. My erection is improved and now I am able to have sex without anxiety. My wife is happy and now we are planning a child too.

Mark :

This is an affordable medicine with great effects. The price was shocking because I have bought it from other platform as well. Wherever I have sex with my partner, it is confirmed that we will have it multiple times, that much power it generates.


I have to thank my doctor who suggested me this med. My whole sex life has changed 360 degree.

How long do the effects of this medicine last?

Generally, effects depend differently from human to human, but the med can give you an erection for 4 to 6 hours if you are sexually excited. This means you can have multiple intercourses during these 4 to 6 hours and satisfy your partner.


Physical intimacy is very important in a relationship and lack of that can create divorce-like situations for partners.

Vegro 50mg is a beautiful solution to your erectile dysfunction condition. You just need to have a prescription from your health provider to buy Vegro 50mg Online and take medicine according to the prescription the rest is done by the med.

Now, leave all your embarrassment and shyness outside the bedroom and enjoy your time with your partner, you and your partner will be shocked by the performance you will be able to give after the use of this medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to work? 

In a typical condition with a healthy man, it starts working within 1 hour. But the time could differ from human to human.

What is the use of Vegro 50mg? 

Erectile dysfunction treatment is the only use of Vegro 50mg medicine’s use.

Can I take this med as often as I want? 

Not, it only should be taken as written in the prescription; no health provider will allow to take it often. You can have it when it is required or daily one pill before having sex.

When should I take this medicine? 

Have it 30 minutes before sex; Med with an empty stomach will be more efficient. With that, if you have light food whenever you are going to have it that too will end in amazing results.


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