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Vermact 6 MG



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Active Ingredient Ivermectin
Manufacturers Mankind Pharma
Indications Scabies, Filariasis
Strength 6mg
Packaging 1 Tablets in 1 Strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
Dosages 6mg
Pack Size 160 Tablet, 20 Tablet, 40 Tablet
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Vermact 6 MG

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Vermact 6 MG (Ivermectin)

No matter if your parasitic infection is at the initial stage or advancing rapidly, you need the right medicine for getting rid of the same. For instance, Vermact 6 mg Australia. This oral remedy is a low-dose yet highly potential antiparasitic drug you’ll ever use. By the time you’re taking a few doses, it ensures your quality of life starts improving with the parasites leaving your body.

Overview of Vermact 6mg Tablets

Vermact 6 mg tablet belongs to the class of drugs called antiparasitic medicines. It is also known as anthelmintic medicine mainly prescribed for treating several types of parasitic worm infections in humans. This medicine has Ivermectin (6mg) as the major active ingredient and can be called an Ivermectin tablet too.

You’ve been prescribed this medicine if diagnosed with roundworm infection, intestinal strongyloidiasis, controlling the symptoms of onchocerciasis, etc. Needless to say, parasitic infections spread faster and take over the quality of life if left untreated. Don’t let them become life-threatening and risk your life to them when you can treat the symptoms with Vermact 6 pills.

This prescription medicine works well for children as well as adults. However, it may not suggest to pregnant/breastfeeding women, children below 15 kg, elderly patients above 65 years, etc. It’s because of safety concerns. So, get a prescription before you start taking this medicine.

Vermact 6 mg Uses

This medicine is mainly suggested for improving the following types of parasitic infections:

  • Strongyloidiasis (a kind of threadworm infection)
  • Onchocerciasis (a type of worm infection)
  • Human scabies

Benefits of Vermact 6 mg

  • One of the best anti-parasitic infections
  • Kills parasites that damage your nervous system
  • This medicine ensures that parasitic worms are flushed out of your body
  • It improves parasitic infection called strongyloidiasis completely
  • For onchocerciasis, it can control infection by killing developing worms
  • Minimal side effects & therapy duration

How does Vermact 6 mg help with parasitic infection treatment?

This medicine is prescribed according to the type of parasitic infection to treat. In addition, the patient’s physical features like weight, age, allergies, etc are considered for prescribing this medicine.

As soon as consumed, Ivermectin dissolves within 15 minutes and targets the parasitic worm-infected area. It starves the infecting parasites and kills adult and developing microorganisms. This active ingredient is powerful enough to kill female parasites so that they don’t give birth to new worms and thus stop the growth and spread of parasites. However, it can only discard the parasites for intestinal strongyloidiasis completely. If you’re treating onchocerciasis then it’ll only kill developing worms while adults are paralyzed. You may require a higher dose in the latter case if the symptoms bounce back.

The total treatment period can vary from 7 days to a couple of weeks. In some cases, patients have to take it several times a year at frequent intervals for controlling the parasitic infection.

Vermact 6 mg Dosage & Directions for Use

This tablet is used by swallowing as a whole with a glass of water. Make sure to take it one at a time and without having meals. It is usually advised to take this medicine on an empty stomach only. If you have had meals and remind of this medicine later then don’t worry. Wait for 2 hours until you can catch up with missed dose.

Avoid breaking, chewing, or crushing the tablet. Don’t overdose by taking multiple tablets at a time or using it more than once within 24 hours. Follow the indications given by your doctor and have patience until you see improvements.

Never discontinue this medicine suddenly when you start experiencing improvements. Continue the dosage and complete the treatment to make sure the parasites are discarded completely.

Can you overdose on this antiparasitic drug?

No need to overdose on this medicine as its ideal dosage is enough for improving parasitic infections. If you overdose, the situation will get out of control and severe allergies can experience immediately. Call the emergency helpline number if overdosed already.

What are the side effects of Vermact 6 mg?

Below are the side effects of this antiparasitic drug. Though most of them are nominal and don’t require medical attention, don’t hesitate in visiting your healthcare provider if they’re getting severe.

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Body pain
  • Joint pain
  • Imbalance
  • Diarrhea
  • Confusion
  • Blurry vision
  • Stomach pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Seizures

How to handle side effects?

The common side effects listed above will want you to take rest & they’ll disappear. Rest and relax after using this medicine for minimizing side effects. Also, drink a lot of fluids (water or fruit juice) so that you’re well-hydrated for activating the immune system.

Interacting Drugs’ Checklist

Keep the following interacting drugs in mind and make sure you don’t use any of them while taking this medicine.

  • Clonazepam
  • Warfarin
  • Phenobarbital
  • Sodium oxybate
  • Lorazepam
  • Valproic acid
  • Butalbital

How long is the treatment with Vermact-6 tablets?

Let your doctor decide the ideal therapy duration based on the type and severity of the parasitic infection. In some cases, only a single dose is required while other cases may require treatment at frequent intervals.

Does parasitic infection return after using Vermact?

This medicine works for killing the infecting parasites and flushing them off your body. However, its effectiveness varies according to the type of parasitic infection being treated. For instance, strongyloidiasis can clear completely while the symptoms of onchocerciasis may return. In the latter case, this medicine only kills developing worms and not adult parasites. Therefore, possibilities prevail for the infection to return as adult worms are only paralyzed and not killed.

Ask your doctor for more on this.

Is it advised for pregnant/breastfeeding women?

It is prescribed to pregnant or breastfeeding women in exceptional conditions. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding. If found suitable, your doctor will suggest this medicine otherwise not.

Can you drive or use machines after taking the dose?

Some patients may experience dizziness or drowsiness after using this medicine. In case it is the same with you then avoid doing such focus-needing activities. You can choose to rest instead.

Vermact 6 mg Reviews

“I was diagnosed with human scabies which I never knew existed. It was getting scary as the infection was spreading like fire. My doctor suggested this medicine and boom! I had drastic improvements by the first week. Not only the symptoms started improving but also my mind stopped recalling if I had any such symptoms.”

Storage Guidelines

  • Keep this tablet in a cool and dry place. Store it below 25 Degrees Celsius.
  • It should keep out of reach of children.

Here is what most users ask…

1) What are the possibilities of allergic reactions after using this antiparasitic drug?

Commonly, it does not cause any allergies. In rare cases, severe allergies like rashes, itchiness, hives, fever, or trouble breathing are experienced. Call your doctor immediately if it happens to you. Avoid using this antiparasitic drug if you’re allergic to Ivermectin.

2) Can adults over 65 years use this medicine?

People in such age groups have been selectively prescribed this medicine. If prescribed, they have to take it with caution.

3) Which drugs to avoid while taking this parasitic worm treatment?

DEC and Warfarin are the common drug interactions of this medicine. You should not take such medications while undergoing treatment with this Ivermectin tablet. On the safe side, disclose your existing medicines to the doctor for availing proper guidance.

4) How to use Vermact 6 mg dosage correctly?

Use this medicine exactly as indicated by the doctor. It is the best use on an empty stomach. In case you have had a meal and forget to take this dose then take it 2 hours after your meal.

5) What are the signs of an overdose?

It is harmful to take too much of Vermact 6 mg tablets at a time. Some symptoms of overdose include dizziness, edema, rashes, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems, tingling sensations in the arms and limbs, drowsiness, lack of focus, etc. In extreme conditions, patients may experience coma or death.


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