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What is the vision and mission of allDayawake?

The main mission of allDayawake is to uphold the responsibilities of society and deliver the best standard healthcare solution to all without compromising the core values of commitment, good ethics, and integrity. The product quality and customer’s safety is the main motto of our company. Our vision is to become a globally recognized healthcare organization that is innovative and competitive to become the best player in this field. We want to serve the best quality at the lowest price possible.

How did allDayawake get started?

allDayawake is a Gujarat, India-based company, established in the year 2012. We started our business primarily to deal with armodafinil and modafinil. Our best selling product is a modafinil product under the brand name, Modalert. In addition, from the range of Armodafinil, Wakalert and Artvigil are the most famous ones. We only sell the best quality medicines that are FDA approved and certified. We sell only the best no duplicate medications here.

What makes allDayawake different from other modafinil SELLER?

There are many things like quality, customer service, etc that make us better than others in the market. However, the things that makes us who we include:

  • Approach: Our approach towards our business is what makes us different from other modafinil sellers. We have provided the whole description of the medicines we sell so as to make it easier for our customers. We don’t just add product descriptions and specifications, but we truly address the value this drug is going to bring the user.
  • Quality: Our quality is enough to speak for us. We sell the highest quality and cost-effective medicines.
  • Difference: We offer our clients the best deals, easy returns, and refunds. Our website is very user-friendly, which will give the users an easy way to buy medicine in the comfort of their homes.
What is unique about the allDayawake?

We sell medicines directly sourced by the genuine modafinil manufacturers. At alldayawake, the client is our main priority. Ease-of-use and user-friendliness is our main agenda. We are the only sellers in the market that accept MasterCard and VISA. Our return and refund policies are quite simple and we offer free international shipping. Most importantly you can easily track your product. We use the best packaging for our products so as to keep the product safe.

What does “One World? One Standard” means?

“One World, One Standard” is the fundamental principle that binds our entire company. Our company aims at providing the best service to the customers. With us, shopping for medicine will not be a difficult task anymore. Drug quality and safety are worth the customer’s money. We only sell FDA approved drugs that are double-checked for quality assurance. You don’t have to worry about late shipping and tedious returns, we have made our customer service ultra smooth.

What is the difference between a brand medication and a branded generic?

Generic medications are copies of the original drugs. Both the generic and the branded drugs have the same composition, dosage, effects, risks, intended use, safety, strength, and route of administration. In other words, both versions are clinically the same. The only difference between the generics and the branded version is that the generics are cheaper than the original ones. Rest the action and working is just the same.

What are the benefits of a branded generic medication?

There are many benefits of using generics over the branded version. These include:

  • Safety and efficacy.
    Many studies and tests conducted on generics and original medicines show that there is no difference between the two. They are the same in terms of safety and effectiveness. So, one can easily choose generic over the branded drug.
  • Cost.
    Generic medications are 30-60% less costly than the branded counterparts are. Moreover, the generic medications are easily available thus giving a strong competition to the original ones. And as the generic medicine is cheaper, the patients are more likely to continue the generic ones as it saves a lot of money.
  • Quality.
    The generic medications are as effective, safe as the original ones. These drugs are manufactured under the license of the original products, so quality is the last thing you have to worry about. The makers of generic drugs assure the same quality as brand-name medications.
How the quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines are ensured?

As the pharmaceutical companies are growing in number, many new regulatory rules have been introduced to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the drugs. The medicines have to pass various GMP/GDP tests before they hit the market. We only sell those drugs which have passed this medical test. We also conduct inspections to assure the overall quality of our products. We make sure that our customers only get the legit products.

Is it safe to use modafinil with other medications?

All smart drugs interact May with various herbal and allopathic medicines, foods and beverages. But we are not the right ones to comment on this medical topic. A certified doctor or specialist can give you more insight into it. You can even consult some online doctor to know more about this important topic. It is important to know about the interactions of any drug before consuming it so as to avoid any ugly and unwanted situation.