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    Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence in men have become a common term now. Men are aware of this sexual dysfunction and it may no longer need any introduction. However, you still need to dive deep for understanding more about this sexual disorder in males. The way it is affecting the male population isn’t surprising anymore. Millions of men in the USA alone are suffering from impotence. You can now imagine the whopping amount of male population it affects worldwide. And the number is growing.

    Impotence changes the way men think about sex or couple romance. Men are supposed to find a reliable solution to their health conditions otherwise this sexual disorder isn’t going to leave them ever. With this said, let us also mention that it is a permanent sexual disorder in males which once comes and never goes. However, its effects can be minimized and men can turn to satisfying orgasms and climaxes easily. So, the treatment for ED is as common as the causes of this sexual dysfunction. Let’s learn more.

    Erectile Dysfunction: An Overview

    ED is an inability to get and keep firm erections for satisfying sexual activity. Though it seems a major sexual health issue, it is a very common problem affecting millions of men across the globe. It happens because of several reasons. Men are unable to achieve firm erections because it takes complex coordination of nerves, blood vessels, and the brain for the event. When either of the required alignment fails, it’s all in vain.

    Sometimes, impotence happens because of hormonal, neurological, or vascular disorders. Another time, the natural ageing process or some severe health issues (heart, kidney, liver, diabetes, etc) lead to impotence. On the contrary, ED is quite common in people having prostate cancer. Depression, stress, anxiety, and similar mental health issues could be responsible too.

    What is ED or Impotence in Men?

    In a nutshell, impotence, ED, or Erectile Dysfunction is a linear process where the male is willing to penetrate but is unable to do so because of inadequate blood flow to the genitals. The desire for sex prevails but the body doesn’t sync with the brain to make it happen. After men attain sexual excitement, he is unable to reach the phase where they can release semen or have orgasms. Thus, intense pleasure isn’t possible for men with impotence. At the same time, it is essential to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things and may occur independently. Hence, men are capable to experience orgasm or ejaculation without attaining erections too.

    The normal processing of male sexual functions might be derailed due to any of the following events:

    • Decreased libido (work-life stress, depression, anxiety, etc.)
    • Ejaculatory issues (due to some prostate surgeries, medications, radiation therapy, etc.)
    • Certain physical, psychological, or emotional changes create an imbalance, thus diminishing the sexual experience.

    Penetration is only possible when men get rigid erections and thus ejaculation can be satisfying. To achieve the best outcomes, a rock-hard erection is important. And if you fail to attain it continuously for a week, it means you may have been hit by erectile dysfunction. Consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible to find out the truth.

    Penile Erection Mechanism & Working of ED Medicines

    The action mechanism of impotence pills is supposed to be opposite so that softer erections can be overlapped with harder pop-ups. In other words, erectile dysfunction medications work towards boosting blood circulation to the penile organs. When the penis will get adequate blood flow, it will likely attain desired hardness in no time. For getting such results, it only takes the right treatment and sexual arousal. The medication will then relax the stress surrounding the smooth pelvic floor muscles. It also helps in releasing stress from the lungs and accelerates the cGMP enzyme cycle production. Meanwhile, it is also essential to unclog veins circulating blood towards the penis and reduce the refractory duration for harder & long-lasting erections.

    Types of Erectile Dysfunction

    By the time we’re discussing impotence, let us get deeper. You’ve learned the basics of erectile dysfunction. Now let’s discuss its types.

    • Psychological: Most of the time, mental health issues like stress, depression, anxiety, etc can become psychological barriers for men. This may take no time to convert into performance anxiety and men end up with broken self-esteem to perform in bed.
    • Neurological: Nerve signalling is vital for the internal organs to promote desired hardness. It’s the nerves that signal the brain to relax the veins so that more blood can flow to the penis. The signals are passed internally via nerves and any problem with the interaction can lead to erectile dysfunction. The miscommunication of nerves can happen due to Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.
    • Inadequate blood flow: Blood flowing towards the genitals must be adequate for causing sexual arousal in males. The stress surrounding the arteries can make it difficult for blood to reach the penis. Therefore, reduced blood supply due to arterial insufficiency or arterial blockage is one of the common types of ED. It can happen because of health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, smoking habits, etc.
    • Hormonal imbalance: You can blame the ongoing hormonal imbalance in your body for ED. Low testosterone levels are often linked with impotence as testosterone plays a crucial role in boosting libido in males. Similarly, an imbalance in thyroid hormone levels can also cause ED.

    Who gets impotence? 

    Here are some common instances when the possibility for impotence is high.

    • Neurological injuries
    • Chronic health conditions
    • Obesity
    • Hormone deficiency
    • Vascular disease
    • Pelvic surgery
    • Radiation therapy
    • Smoking habits
    • Sedentary lifestyle

    How to Approach Male Impotence?

    There are a lot of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for coping with male impotence. You can find your best treatment only after consulting your healthcare provider. Also, take your partner into confidence and discuss your health issue openly so that they understand what you’re going through. Also, have patience through the process because impotence won’t disappear overnight. It takes time and acceptance to cope.

    Understand the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction First!

    Before you start choosing the ideal treatment, it is essential to understand the cause first. It’s the cause that determines the direction of treatment. For instance, if psychological causes are responsible then addressing them can help improve symptoms of ED too. So, you need to talk to your doctor first before opting for treatment right away.


    • Coping ED with Lifestyle Changes: You have to make necessary lifestyle changes to ensure your derailed erections get normalized again. Ask your doctor what you can do to elevate your erectile health.
    • Choose the type of treatment: Again, you’ll need help from a medical care provider to find out the best treatment type as per your health condition and severity of impotence.
    • Opting for the right therapy choice: Once you’re prescribed a treatment, proceed with the same and make sure your erectile well-being is just as it should be. If any alternatives or stronger treatment is required, consult your doctor. Don’t take any crucial decisions yourselves.

    Oral Medicines for ED

    In most cases, men prefer oral remedies for improving the symptoms of impotence in men. With this said, let us introduce you to the top medicine choices for addressing erectile dysfunction. Don’t expect these medicines to kick the symptoms permanently. They’re only crafted for minimizing or reversing the signs of ED for as long as they’re used. As they’re safe for long-term use, they’re non-addictive and non-abusive too. You can continue your prescription medicine for a longer period, even for years.

    Here are the top-selling and worldwide popular medicines used for getting rid of impotence.

    • Sildenafil (Viagra)
    • Tadalafil (Cialis)
    • Vardenafil (Levitra)
    • Avanafil (Stendra)

    Generic ED Medicines

    • Cenforce
    • Fildena
    • Kamagra
    • Tadagra
    • Suhagra
    • Malegra
    • Vilitra

    Side Effects of ED Medicines

    The possibilities of side effects are low but still prevail when you use impotence pills. Here are the common and rare side effects listed for your reference. Don’t be scared if any severe allergic reactions or rare side effects appear. You can consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible and get help. However, the common symptoms can be tolerated and won’t interfere with your routine.

    • Dry mouth
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • Headache
    • Drowsiness
    • Painful limbs
    • Chest pain (rare)
    • Bloody urine (rare)
    • Stomach pain
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Irregular heartbeat (rare)
    • Pain while getting erections (rare)
    • Back pain
    • Body pain
    • Erections lasting for more than 5 hours (rare)
    • Blurry vision
    • Buzzing in ears
    • Allergies on skin
    • Rashes
    • Itchiness

    Things to Keep in Mind for Safe Handling of Impotence Pills

    • First things first, disclose all the essential health information with your healthcare provider. You should share your medical history, allergies, and surgeries with the doctor whether asked about it or not.
    • Talk to your doctor regarding your existing medications and seek guidance on whether they can be continued with your prescription drug. If required, you may have to pause treatment and continue treatment with a safe gap.
    • Most male impotence pills are unsafe for use among women and children below 18 years. They should never be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
    • Don’t continue using impotence remedies if you get any serious allergic reactions after starting treatment.
    • Men having poor heart health, diabetes, kidney or liver problems, etc. should never use ED pills without discussing the same with the doctor.
    • ED medicines cannot be discontinued suddenly. Pause your treatment in case of allergic reactions until you visit the doctor. If you want to stop the treatment then do it gradually and not without medical guidance. The medications can lead to withdrawal effects when discontinued at a time.

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