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Pain O Soma


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Skeletal Muscular Pain


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Pain O Soma 350mg

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Pain o soma (Soma Pills 350) (Carisoprodol), as the name suggests, is a pain reliever medicine as its molecule compound is Carisoprodol. It is an on-prescription tablet used for the treatment of skeletal muscular pain. It works by lowering down the sensations of pain between the brain and the nerves.

The most common dosage of Pain o soma (Carisoprodol) is prescribed for 2 to 3 weeks. However, it may not be prescribed to the patient with critical health issues, or Porphyria, seizures, kidney and liver disease, heart disease, etc.

Active ingredient: Carisoprodol

Prescription required: No prescription is required to buy Carisoprodol

Pain O Soma (Soma Pills 350 ) Dosage Instructions

  • Take Pain o soma tablets exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Usually, it is consumed as one tablet daily with a glass of water.
  • Please avoid crushing, break, or chewing the tablet.
  • You are free to take pain o soma on an empty stomach or after meals.


  • Follow dosage instructions as given by the doctor. Don’t apply assumptions to increase or decrease the dosage.
  • Avoid activities that demand attention after taking pain o soma. This medicine causes drowsiness & hence you may put your life at risk by driving, operating machinery, or doing similar things.
  • No alcohol should be consumed while you undergo treatment with Pain o soma. Carisoprodol causes dizziness so does alcohol. Both of them will make you too dizzy together & that is not good for your health.

What to do if you miss/skip Pain o soma dosage?

It’s okay if you have missed or skipped Pain o soma occasionally. You may take this medicine with the next scheduled dosage. However, it would help if you tried to take pain o soma same time every day to maintain the effectiveness levels of Carisoprodol.

What happens if you overdose Pain o soma?

Overdosing pain o soma can put your health in hazardous conditions. It should not be considered that overdosing will improve your health faster than completing the entire course daily. Make sure you take only the prescribed dosage.

If you think pain o soma is ineffective for you, ask your doctor for alternate medicine instead of overdoing it & putting your life at risk.

Side effects of Pain o soma

Some patients have seen these side effects in mild nature. Also, these are temporary & flee away when the effect of Carisoprodol goes away. The following are some of the commonly seen side effects among the patients using Pain o soma:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Tiredness
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Mood Swings
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Swelling on the eyes, face, or other body parts

There could be more side-effects than mentioned above. In such cases, if you find them risky, approach your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t panic if the negative effects are in moderate form as they may disappear within 48 hours.

Storage Instructions

  • Pain o soma should be stored between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep Pain o soma out of reach of children.


1) Is Pain O Soma (Soma Pill) Addictive?

Pain o soma has shown habit-forming symptoms among some patients. If you’re done with the prescribed dosage, consult your doctor & ask them if you should continue using this medicine or not. Your doctor will guide you on discontinuing Pain o Soma safely.

2) Can I buy Soma Drug (Pain O Soma 350) Online?

Yes. It is safe to buy pain o soma online or from your local medical store after getting a prescription from the doctor.

3) How to use Pain O Soma safely?

Here are a few things to keep in mind for safe consumption of Pain o soma tablets:

  • Get a prescription
  • Discuss your current medicines & health issues with your doctor
  • Take the prescribed dosage of pain o soma
  • Avoid overdosing on this medicine
  • Please don’t drink alcohol while undergoing treatment with pain o soma
  • Please don’t use pain o soma for children under 18 years of age
  • Avoid using this medicine during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or if you’re planning to get pregnant
4) When should I stop using Pain o soma?

You should stop using pain o soma only after consulting your doctor. If they identify that your medical conditions are improved & you don’t need to use this medicine any longer, then you can safely discontinue it.

5) Can I use Pain o soma if I’m pregnant?

Using pain o soma during pregnancy may lead to excessive bleeding during the delivery period. Thus, it is unsafe to be used by pregnant women. Also, it may pass via breast milk, and so you should avoid using it if you’re breastfeeding.

6) Should I take Pain o soma at a particular time?

The most common dosage of pain o soma is one tablet per day. Depending on the severity of health issues, sometimes the patients may be prescribed three tablets per day. However, you should take medicine as guided to maintain the effectiveness levels of pain o soma in the body.

7) Which medicines conflict with Pain o soma?

Some over the counter medicines might conflict with pain o soma. They could be vitamins or herbal products, and also the medicines with Carisoprodol as their active ingredient. Thus, you should disclose your medical history with your doctor so they can decide whether or not to prescribe you pain o soma.

8) When should I avoid using this medicine?

You should avoid using this medicine under the following conditions:

  • If you’re allergic to Carisoprodol
  • If you’re using any medicines that may conflict with Pain o soma
  • If you have any severe health issues (heart, kidney, liver, eye, or any)

15 reviews for Pain O Soma 350mg

  1. Jeffrey

    Pain O Soma was the only muscle relaxer that gave me any relief at all for my muscle spasms and pain of fibromyalgia as well as chronic pain syndrome.

  2. Nelson

    I take half of a 350 mg tablet when I’m unable to sleep due to wrenching back spasms and pain. Within 20-30 minutes after taking Pain o Soma 350 mg, I fall asleep and have a sound rest. Taking a whole tablet is a bit too strong for me. I don’t take this pill on a regular, nightly basis but, rather, use it as a last alternative.

  3. Dexter

    I have been on soma for 5 years for my back spasms. There are the only thing that I have found that works for me. I tried many other muscle relaxants and none worked. I do physical work and they make it easier to move around.

  4. Martin

    I have chronic backpain (lower back) and it literally makes me feel i cant breathe properly. 20 minutes after taking a Pain O Soma 350mg, zero pain and can live life normal

  5. Lyla Wilson

    If I cannot sleep because of the wrenching spasms and agony, I take a 350 mg pill. I fall asleep and have a good rest within 20-30 minutes of taking Soma. I often take this pill . pain o Soma has been functioning so well.
    Thank You,, For Genuine healthcare products.

    Lyla Wilson
  6. Jack James

    My doctor just started me back on pain o soma and I have chronic back and leg pain. I have spinal stinosis and metal rods screws and pins in my leg I also have a birth deffect in my shoulder blades and neck I haven’t slept for as long as I can remember without waking up and my back severely hurting and stuck not being able to move. I took my soma at bedtime I slept through the whole night and was able to get out of bed like a teenager which to me was a great feeling… If you have muscle spasms just try it and I call this my miracle medicine

    Jack James
  7. Freya Brown

    I’ve had severe nerve pain from a spinal cord injury for 30 years with muscle spasms and a lot of tension and tight muscles. This helped with the tension and spasms, helped me relax and rest. pain o soma is really Great medication!

    Freya Brown
  8. Damian

    I’ve had severe nerve pain from a spinal cord injury for 30 years with muscle spasms and a lot of tension and tight muscles. This helped with the tension and spasms, helped me relax and rest. Great medication! No side effects except drowsiness, which actually helped me.

  9. Kaia Akbas

    Pain o Soma 350 is best muscle relaxer that gave me any relief at all for my muscle spasms and pain of fibromyalgia as well as chronic pain syndrome.

    Kaia Akbas
  10. Millar Thomas

    Soma worked well for me and it’s actually the only muscle relaxant that helped with the spasms and pain I deal with (and I’ve tried all the others like baclofen, Flexeril, and tizanidine) it’s too bad abusers have caused the CDC and FDA to demonize this medication so that physicians have all but stopped prescribing it. Strange how they do that with all the medications that actually work

    Millar Thomas
  11. Oscar Henry

    Pain o Soma worked well for me and it’s actually the muscle relaxant that helped with the spasms and pain I deal with and I’ve tried all the others like pain o soma, pain o soma 500.

    Oscar Henry
  12. Liza Tyler

    I’ve tried all kinds of medications to relieve the severe symptoms of fibromyalgia. I suffer from chronic pain, yet I make every effort to live and function properly. For me, Soma is really effective. It, coupled with pain relievers, allowed me to maintain a fairly busy daily life.

    Liza Tyler
  13. Jack Williams

    I had back pain then my friend recommended I take pain o soma now I use this is good for me. thank you alldayawake.

    Jack Williams
  14. Isla Merry

    I had significant back injuries due to a slip and fall approximately 4 years ago, and this medicine helped me so much even with pain physical therapy. On other days, the agony is so severe that I can’t even stand or sit. I use pain relievers such as pain o soma 350, which allows me to function.

    Isla Merry
  15. Jacob Johnson

    Soma was originally prescribed for fibromyalgia through pain. Now I also have spinal stenosis. Other treatments including spinal and other extensive physical therapy have not worked for me for either of these conditions. Soma made it possible for me to continue working until I was 68 years old. Now it helps with pain and sleep. Since the pain disrupts sleep, the sedation from Soma gives me restful sleep which is essential in getting relief.

    Jacob Johnson
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