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    Do you have problems with sleep? Is your sleep routine poorly managed? Are you trying hard to improve your sleep regime but failing at it? Why don’t you ask your doctor for Eszopiclone?

    This magical sleeping aid pill is a very mild dosage yet highly effective in treating symptoms of insomnia. Buy Eszopiclone but before you do that, read this & then move ahead. Also, we’re sharing all the essentials regarding this FDA-approved sleeping medicine & suggestions on where to buy it online.

    What is Eszopiclone?

    Eszopiclone is a prescription medicine used for addressing symptoms of insomnia. It is an oral pill available as a generic drug. You may know it by its brand name Lunesta. This sleeping aid medicine is available in beginner dosages like 2mg and 3mg only. They’re low-dosage strengths yet high-impact ones.

    However effective, it is a controlled substance. Therefore, avoid its usage without a prescription. In other words, it has a risk of life-threatening effects and addiction upon misuse. Also, it can get you addicted if used for a longer period beyond treatment duration or in more than prescribed amounts.

    Eszopiclone Medications Profile

    • Brand Name: Lunesta
    • Generic Name: Eszopiclone
    • Drug Class: Sedative-hypnotics
    • Treatment Period: 2 weeks or less
    • Abusive: Yes

    Key Highlights

    • Eszopiclone is popularly sold by its generic name as well as brand name (Lunesta).
    • This sleeping aid pill is only available as an oral tablet.
    • It can be used by adults over 18 years for treating a wide range of sleep problems like trouble initiating sleep, remaining asleep, or waking early than usual.
    • Your age, medical health conditions, allergies, and similar health concerns influence the decision to prescribe this medicine or not.
    • You’re restricted from using alcohol while using this sleeping pill.
    • Do not use this medicine if pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding. The effects of Eszopiclone are unknown during such medical conditions. Disclose these health conditions with your doctor.

    Popular Medications

    Here are the popular dosages you can buy Eszopiclone with. Please find these dosages are very mild

    • Eszopiclone 2 mg
    • Eszopiclone 3 mg
    • Hypnite 2 mg
    • Hypnite 3 mg

    What is the use of Eszopiclone tablets?

    It is used for treating so many types of insomnia. For instance, it helps improve sleep quality by promoting sleep faster. This medicine makes the patient get quality and restful sleep at night. In addition, it prevents sleep disturbances & lets patients sleep up to 8 hours. Thus, it makes a positive impact on the quality of life.

    Perks of using Eszopiclone Pills

    • Gets the user to sleep faster than usual
    • Starts working within an hour of the dosage
    • Helps the patient sleep throughout the night
    • Eliminates sleep disturbances
    • Short treatment period yet highly effective
    • Affordable sleeping aid pill
    • Minimal side effects to worry about

    Eszopiclone Dosage: How to use this medicine for improvements in insomnia?

    Read the product label for complete instructions on how to use Eszopiclone tablets. Don’t forget to follow the dosage instructions shared by the physician. Clear your doubts before you start taking this sleeping aid pill. Also, don’t restock without medical guidance.

    Make sure you don’t alter its form (crush, chew, or break) before intake. Swallow the whole tablet only & drink a glass of water alone.

    It is ideally consumed before bedtime. Avoid using this tablet with fat-rich food else it’ll take longer to activate.

    Care to take after using this pill

    • Do not overdose. It is a controlled substance with a high potential for drug abuse. If overdosed, you’re more likely to get addicted and reversal is next to impossible.
    • Avoid consuming this sleeping pill if you’ll be driving, using heavy machines, etc. after taking this medication. It’ll make you dizzy and distract focus thus leading to accidents.
    • Take this medicine only if you can sleep for up to 8 hours. Avoid dosing it otherwise.
    • If your dose is missed, do not take it in the middle of the night or the morning. Skip the dose instead and continue with the next dose as per the schedule.
    • Don’t use this sleeping medicine in more or less amounts and longer than the prescribed treatment period. If you alter the dosages then you’ll not get results as expected. The after-effects would not be in your favour.

    A Look through its mechanism of action…

    As we’ve seen, it belongs to sedative-hypnotics class of drugs. This group of medicines work similarly and treat similar health conditions. Its mechanism of action isn’t known yet but is believed to work by slowing down brain activity. The main goal of this medicine is to produce a calming effect on the brain by increasing melatonin production faster than usual. Melatonin is a brain chemical responsible for getting you into sleepy mode. Thus, it relaxes the brain and promotes sleep faster. The user can get quality sleep and relax for up to 8 hours with uninterrupted sleep. Meanwhile, it is also known for preventing nighttime awakenings & making the user sleep longer.

    Thanks to Eszopiclone, people suffering from insomnia can improve their quality of life.

    Eszopiclone Side Effects

    See also Precautions and additional considerations below as you go through these side effects. This sleeping pill has only a few side effects and they’re well-tolerated. You may contact your medical care provider in case if you need help.

    • Daytime drowsiness
    • Trouble with coordination
    • Dry mouth
    • Dizziness

    Some serious side effects may affect the user and they’re as below. Make sure to get medical attention immediately if they’re affecting you.

    • Loss of memory
    • Mood swings
    • Sudden change in behaviour
    • New or worsening depression
    • Thoughts of suicide
    • Abnormal thoughts
    • Confusion
    • Anxiety
    • Hallucination
    • Aggression
    • Stress
    • Agitation

    Can you use your ongoing medications with Eszopiclone?

    Learn drug interactions of eszopiclone so that you know how other medicines react with this sleeping pill. Please find this list below has only a few of the many contradicting drugs of this medicine. Ask your doctor for more and also share the medicines you’re taking currently.

    • Sodium oxybate
    • Opioid pain/cough relievers
    • Marijuana
    • Alcohol
    • Anti-anxiety drugs
    • Alternative sleeping aid pills
    • Muscle relaxants
    • Antihistamines
    • Antibiotics
    • HIV drugs
    • Heart medicines
    • Antifungals
    • Antipsychotics

    Make sure you don’t start or stop this medicine as per your thoughts. Seek medical guidance always.

    Necessary Precautions

    • Before you use this medicine, let your doctor know if you’re allergic to Zopiclone. Also, share if you have any other allergies. This medicine contains some ingredients that may not suit all.
    • Inform your healthcare provider if you have kidney disease, liver disorder, heart disease, lung or breathing problems, etc. Especially, inform them if you have a history of mood or mental health disorders.
    • This medicine causes dizziness as one of its side effects. It simply means you’ll wake up the next day as usual but not active enough to drive or use machines. Allow yourself to be all charged up before taking any attention-needing task on hand.
    • Alcohol and drugs (marijuana) can make dizziness adverse. So, make sure you don’t prefer alcohol or drugs while using this medicine.
    • Share your plans for surgeries with your healthcare provider.
    • If you’re pregnant and want to use Eszopiclone, inform your doctor and seek guidance if it can be taken during pregnancy. Similarly, talk to your doctor if you’re breastfeeding.
    • Do not keep using this medicine beyond the prescription period. This medicine is highly abusive and can lead to habit-forming if misused.

    Additional Considerations

    • Try not to take this medicine with food. Make sure to keep at least a 1.5-hour gap between your dinner and dosage timing.
    • Use this sleeping pill when you’re all set to sleep. Using it earlier might cause problems with short-term memory, dizziness, and so on.
    • If you think this sleeping aid pill isn’t performing as expected, see your doctor. Talk to your doctor about how you feel after using this pill and how it isn’t matching your expectations.

    Similar Effective Pills for Insomnia [Eszopiclone Alternatives]

    A lot of sleeping aid pills are available which might be prescribed as alternatives. Let your doctor guide you better on this.

    Eszopiclone Reviews

    “I was so excited to use a sleeping pill after months of suffering from insomnia. Finally, got to try Eszopiclone 2mg and it worked as expected. It took me a couple of days to see improvements in my sleep routine and it worked like magic.”

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