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Active Ingredient Duloxetine
Manufacturers Sun Pharmaceutical
Indications Neuropathic Pain
Strength 20mg
Packaging 10 Tablets in 1 Strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
Dosages 20mg
Pack Size 100 Tablet, 200 Tablet, 300 Tablet, 50 Tablet
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If you’re suffering from diabetic neuropathy or any kind of chronic neuropathic pain for a long, Duzela 20 is here to improve your symptoms seamlessly. Duzela 20 mg capsule is a former antidepressant and anti-anxiety remedy too. We have this medicine on board from reputable – Sun Pharmaceuticals. You can thus rely on this medicine to elevate your quality of life by 360 Degrees. Let’s learn more.

Introduction: What is Duzela 20 all about?

Duzela 20 is a neuropathic pain reliever (especially for diabetic neuropathy & chronic pain). In addition, it is a prescription treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. You can call it an all-in-one pain relief medicine with a powerful active ingredient called Duloxetine. 20mg is a very mild dose yet highly effective in improving the symptoms in a short period. Depending on the type and severity of pain to treat, your treatment period varies.

Some patients have to use it for a few weeks while others may be required to continue for months. Visit your doctor for follow-ups regularly & seek medical guidance whenever in doubt.

Uses of Duzela 20 & Medical Condition(s) it Treats

It is a profound treatment for the following health disorders:

  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Chronic neuropathic pain
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety
  • Stress urinary incontinence

Advantages of Duzela 20 (Duloxetine) Capsules

  • Diabetic neuropathy

High blood sugar levels damage the nerves in diabetic patients. As a result, they feel painful sensations. Duloxetine reduces communication between the brain and paining part of the body. It blocks the painful sensation and ensures patients lead a pain-free life.

  • Chronic neuropathic pain

If your neuropathic pain or nerve damage symptoms last for a long time then they’re called chronic. Patients having symptoms of chronic neuropathic pain due to shingles, diabetes, or spinal cord injuries can treat with Duzela. This medicine improves the physical and social functions of the individual and escalates the quality of life. It may take a few weeks for seeing symptoms flushing off but it’ll work. That’s obvious.

  • Depression

Generally, patients suffering from depression start living in a bad mood and behaviour. This further leads to anxiousness, degrades the quality of life, makes the patient lose focus on what matters, and snatches sleepiness. Sometimes, patients with depression feel sleepy as an escape from reality. Such symptoms are overcome with Duzela 20. It gradually makes patients feel better so they forget depression and lead a normal life.

  • Fibromyalgia

Duloxetine is an effective ingredient for treating the symptoms of pain triggered by fibromyalgia. This capsule helps in minimizing pain and the mood changes that follow. Sleep problems and fatigue are also common signs of fibromyalgia. Using this medicine regularly will help elevate the quality of life.

  • Anxiety

Duzela 20mg capsule controls the brain chemicals that make you feel anxious. It thus reduces the possibility of excessive anxiety and worries. Similarly, it minimizes the symptoms that follow anxiousness – irritability, trouble focusing, fatigue, restlessness, and problems with sleep. Patients are more likely to look at life with a positive perspective and be more productive & energetic. That’s the effectiveness of this medicine, it makes you feel good.

  • Stress urinary incontinence

This medical condition makes patients suffer from loss of urine unintentionally. Sometimes, such medical condition happens due to disturbed mental health. Complexities of thoughts make the brain activity abnormal thus resulting in stress urinary incontinence. This medicine normalizes the activities of chemical messengers controlling bladder activities. Thus, bladder control improves and urination is normalized.

Mode of Action: How does Duzela 20 work?

Duzela 20 belongs to the class of drugs called NEURO CNS. Its action mechanism encompasses Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Duloxetine is the major active content here that boosts serotonin and noradrenaline levels in the brain. In other words, Duloxetine increases the functions of these chemical messengers so that the patient regains mental stability and pain signals come to a halt.

When does Duzela 20 start working?

Most patients experience health improvements within 2 to 4 weeks after starting treatment with this medicine. However, patients using it for depression and anxiety disorders can experience improvements within two weeks too. Diabetic neuropathy patients may take longer to see results but the wait will be worth it. Consult your doctor if you don’t see improvements even after using this medicine for up to 2 months.

Take Duzela 20 Dosage like this for best results…

Follow the dosage directions given by the doctor. Use this medicine at a fixed time daily for best results. Swallow the capsule as a whole with a glass of water at indicated times.

Avoid breaking, chewing, or crushing the capsule. It can be taken with or without food. If you have upset stomach doubts then use it with meals.

Do not miss your dose because it’ll diminish Duloxetine levels in your bloodstream. This active content should be maintained in your bloodstream for faster improvements. However, you can use the missed dose as soon as you remind of it. Skip otherwise if your next scheduled dose is anytime soon.

Avoid discontinuing treatment midway or overdosing. Keep using it as guided by the physician until your treatment period ends. If you stop it suddenly after seeing improvements then the symptoms will reappear. In case you overdose then risky health effects can appear.

Duzela 20 Side Effects

We’re sharing the possible side effects of Duzela 20 below. Most of them will not require medical attention but if they prevail in severe form then call your doctor for help.

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhoea

Precautions & Safety Measures

  • Use this medicine according to the prescription only. Don’t increase or reduce dosages on assumptions.
  • Share your allergies, medicines currently in use, and all the information concerning your medical history while this medicine is being prescribed. Also, inform your doctor if you’re allergic to Duloxetine or any other mental illness drugs.
  • Tell your doctor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. This medicine may not be prescribed to women during such medical conditions. Though the effects of Duloxetine on the unborn baby or breastfeeding child are unknown, it is important to keep them safe.
  • It may be unsafe for patients already having severe mental health disorders, kidney or liver disease, poor cardiovascular health, and so on.
  • Keep using this medicine as indicated by the physician. If you stop treatment midway, you may experience a bounce back of the symptoms. And if you continue using this medicine beyond the prescribed period, you may develop habit-forming.
  • Duzela 20 may lead to a rise in blood pressure. If you’re having high/low blood pressure issues then make sure to monitor your blood pressure during the treatment period with this medicine.


  • This medication takes away your ability to focus, think, or make a judgement. You’re thus recommended not to attempt any focus-requiring activities.
  • Don’t drive vehicles as you might feel dizzy and drowsy after taking your dosage.
  • Avoid consuming excess alcohol with this capsule. If possible, quit alcohol and any kind of alcoholic beverages while on treatment with this medicine. You may also limit caffeine & grapefruit juice. Excessive use of alcohol with this medicine increases the risk of liver damage. In case you’re experiencing any side effects right from the beginning of treatment with this medicine, especially restlessness, then inform your doctor.
  • See your doctor immediately or call them as soon as possible if you get thoughts of suicide or frequent mood swings.
  • Never stop using this medication suddenly. It is discontinued gradually within a week and your physician will guide you on how to do it. If you stop it suddenly then you’ll invite withdrawal symptoms and some rare side effects too.
  • Though this medicine is safe for long-term use, don’t continue it without medical guidance.

Does it have interactions with any drugs?

Yes, Duloxetine may interact with the active ingredients of other medicines. Other drugs can change the way this medicine affects your body and vice versa can happen too. It is important to be careful before using any other medicine with this one. Disclose your current medications and seek further guidance.

Here are a few of the many possible interacting drugs of Duzela 20.

  • Atomoxetine
  • Thioridazine
  • Citalopram
  • Atazanavir
  • Warfarin

What do most users think about Duzela 20 capsules?

  • Many patients prefer this medicine as an excellent treatment for neuropathic pain. This makes it a hot-favourite treatment for this health disorder.
  • Patients experiencing diabetic neuropathy, depression & anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses find it equally beneficial.
  • Most patients experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and dry mouth as common side effects.
  • The improvements after using this medicine are as expected.
  • Almost all patients prefer taking this medicine with food for avoiding an upset stomach later. You may take it without food too.
  • Duzela 20mg price is average and affordable for most patients.

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