Vardegra 20 Mg

Vardegra 20 MG



Active Ingredient Vardenafil
Manufacturers HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd
Indications Erectile Dysfunction
Strength 20mg
Packaging 10 Tablets in Strip
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Vardegra 20 MG

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Vardegra 20 MG is a prescription medicine that helps with the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. It occurs when you cannot get or maintain erections long enough for sexual activities. The problem usually happens when you have narrow arteries for carrying blood to the penis. The medicine works to increase your blood flow.

Introduction to Vardegra 20 MG

Vardegra 20 mg is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd., which is known for offering quality medicines worldwide. This medicine has a generic composition of Vardenafil which is known for increasing stamina in men to have a satisfactory sexual life. You can get this medication in the form of tablets from reputed online stores like But before you take this for tackling ED issues, consult an experienced doctor.

Uses Of Vardegra 20 MG

Vardegra 20 MG is an effective medication that is used for treating erectile dysfunction in men, where they cannot get hard or maintain erections. It has PDE inhibitors which work by increasing blood flow to the penis when you are sexually stimulated. Remember that the medicine will not cure your ED complications, it is a temporary relief. You have to find out the reason behind your ED and undergo a thorough treatment to get rid of this problem.

You should also note that Vardegra will not increase your sexual desire. It must also not be used as a contraceptive or medication for preventing sexually transmitted diseases. You should consult a doctor and show them your medical history. On thorough analysis, if they find Vardenafil is the right solution, they will let you know about the same.

How long does Vardegra 20 take to start working?

You must take Vardegra 20 at least an hour or 30 minutes before having sex. Its effects can last up to 5 hours and you can take one tablet every 24 hours. However, you must be sexually stimulated for Vardenafil to work. This is a dispersible tablet that you must keep on your tongue to dissolve before swallowing. Do not take it with any kind of liquid.

You can take Vardenafil before or 2 hours after a meal to get the best results. You should never club alcohol with this medicine as it will make it tougher for you to get an erection. Alcohol drinks can also increase the risks of various side effects.

How effective is Vardegra 20?

Vardegra 20 has Vardenafil and a fast-acting formula that enables you to experience the benefits within a short period. Its rapid action would make you confident and allow spontaneity at times of intimacy. The medicine is equipped with all the right ingredients which will ensure a fulfilling and satisfactory experience for you.

Vardegra is specially formulated for enhancing performance. It would increase blood flow to the penis which results in hard and longer-lasting erections. It will help you regain your confidence and enjoy the intimate moments of your life.

Dosage Directions

Your doctor will analyze your health conditions and decide the right dosage for Vardegra. They might start with a 10mg dose once a day and check how your body is tolerating it. Once the results are positive, they might suggest a 20mg dose of one tablet a day. This is generic information and you should only take Vardenafil ED medication when the doctor tells you.

Remember you must be sexually stimulated to make the medicine effective. Also, the dosage can vary with your age and body weight. For example, if you are 65 years or older, you might be suggested to take 5mg a day. But if you are below that age, you might need 10mg. So, taking the doctor’s recommendation to understand the right dose to tackle ED is very important.

Side Effects & Precaution

Just like other ED medications, there are certain side effects of consuming Vardegra. Amongst all, headache is a very common side effect. The other ones will include:

  • Stomach issues
  • Dizziness and flushing
  • Stuffy nose

These are very temporary things and would get cured on their own when your body adjusts to Vardegra. However, there are some serious symptoms too, like:

  • You get a ringing sound in your ears or hearing loss
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Your feet, hands, ankles, etc., get swollen
  • You face difficulty while breathing or there is a chest pain
  • Painful erections that last more than 5 hours

You should call for immediate medical help and stop the consumption of Vardegra if any of the above issues occur. You might also get severe allergic reactions including hives, swelling of the face or tongue, etc., in rare cases if you are not tolerant to the ingredients of Vardegra. In such cases, you must stop the consumption of this medicine and call your doctor.

Some precautionary measures for using Vardegra would include:

  • Get an allergy test done to ensure no reaction after consuming the tablets.
  • Show your entire medical history to the doctor so they can ensure no drug interaction would occur. For example, taking nitrate-containing medicines with Vardegra might give you heart problems or chest pain.
  • Tell your doctor if you are taking any antibiotics, blood pressure medicines, or other tablets for ED.
  • You should not take Grapefruit juice with Vardegra.

How to increase intimacy with the power of Vardegra?

  • Before you take Vardegra you must have a healthy relationship with your partner. Talk to them about your ED issues and let them know about the problems you are facing.
  • You must also consult a doctor and try to find the root cause behind this ongoing problem. Getting ashamed and not asking for help will impact your relationship for the worse.
  • As you know Vardegra only works when you are aroused, so you must make efforts to create moments of intimacy whenever possible.
  • Do not lose confidence and be positive about the results. When you take the medicine as per the doctor’s recommendations, it will help you overcome your ED complications more efficiently.

How should Vardegra 20mg be stored?

  • You can keep the tablets in the same sachet until you use it and store the entire strip in a cabinet at room temperature.
  • Keep them away from excess heat or water as that might compromise the medicine.
  • You should store and discard the tablets with attention so that no pets or children in your house get hold of them.
  • Make sure to not share this medicine unprescribed with anyone suffering from the same complications, especially if they are below 18 years old.


Vardegra 20 mg is a highly recommended medicine for increasing performance when you have ED complications. However, you must purchase authentic Vardegra tablets from reputed online stores like Here you can be assured about the quality and will get the medicine in discrete packaging. They have a customer-centric approach and hence ensure to provide you with quick doorstep deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the effect of Vardegra 20 last?

You should take Vardegra 20 at least 30 minutes before the sexual activity and its effect can last up to 5 hours. This means you can enjoy your intimate moments for a long with any interruptions.

Can Vardegra 20 MG be taken with food?

To get the best results, take Vardegra 20 mg before or 2 hours after a meal when your stomach is empty.

Is Vardegra 20 safe for everyone?

Vardegra 20 is safe to consume when your doctors recommend it. The medicine is not suggested for patients below 18 years or females. You should also follow the dosage instructions given by your doctor.

Do I need a prescription to buy Vardegra 20?

Vardegra 20 is a prescription medicine as it can interact with certain medicines and give you adverse side effects. It is also not suitable for consumption when you are suffering from different health conditions. So consult a doctor, understand the reason behind your ED, and take this medicine following the right dosage suggested by your healthcare provider.


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