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Modaheal: The Miracle Medicine for Narcolepsy

Modaheal The Miracle Medicine for Narcolepsy

Throughout our lives, each one of us had days when we fall asleep during the day in spite of sleeping during the night. Feeling slumberous and sluggish for a day or two is considered normal. It could happen due to a change in the weather, heavy physical activities, or even too much Netflix at night.

  • But what if this condition is more frequent for you?
  • Do you need way more sleep than others?
  • Is it impossible for you to stay attentive for more than a few hours?
  • Do you feel indolent all the time and need to sleep more than anyone you know?
  • It is challenging for you to focus on the activity at hand despite numerous efforts from your side?

If yes, then you might be suffering from Narcolepsy.

If you are doubtful about it, it is best to consult your doctor and find out if it is narcolepsy or there is any other reason which stops you from gaining the maximum out of your life.

Narcolepsy in Brief:

Narcolepsy is a type of neurological sleep disorder. In this condition, a person feels extremely lethargic and sleepy all the time. It may also include critical symptoms like hallucinations and sleep paralysis. Some people experience brief episodes of cataplexy in which the person experiences partial or total loss of muscle control. In most cases, cataplexy is triggered by any strong emotions like anger, fear, laughter, stress, and excitement.

How does Narcolepsy affect your Daily Life?

Below are a few ways in which Narcolepsy may have damaging effects on your daily life:

  • You may fall asleep abruptly while talking, eating, or even driving.
  • You may feel impromptu episodes when you cannot move certain parts of your body (Temporary paralysis)
  • You may have to endure complete paralysis immediately after waking up or before sleeping.
  • You may hallucinate (anytime during the day or night) which will impair your capacity to distinguish between reality and dreams (or nightmares)

How does Modaheal help with Narcolepsy?

There is no permanent cure for Narcolepsy yet, but it can be regulated by using medicines like Modaheal 200. Modaheal contains Modafinil which is a prescribed stimulant for the treatment of various sleep disorders. It is effective in making you more feel more active and focused during the day hours when you generally feel sleepy. Using other wakefulness stimulants can often make you addicted to them. But Modaheal is generally safe as it is far less addictive than other stimulants.

It is also to be noted that Modafinil present in Modaheal has very few side effects on the human body when compared to other stimulants prescribed for the treatment of narcolepsy. It is also useful for people who face Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). It helps you stay awake and increases your concentration span so that you may be more productive in spite of having late-night shifts or rotating shifts.

Students with demanding course works can also take advantage of the alertness and increased attention span acquired by the use of this medicine. Any person whose life demands are high, and they cannot get enough sleep to fulfill their obligations successfully like soldiers, celebrities or social workers can take to their doctor and get Modaheal to improve expand their productive hours as well as get more from their own life.

How is Modaheal to be used?

Your doctor will instruct you the best ways you can take Modaheal for your condition. Following your doctor’s advice will most beneficial for you. For Narcolepsy, the general dosage of Modaheal is 200 mg. It is to be taken orally with water. It is usually taken as a single dose in the morning, but everyone has different mental makeups, so your doctor may recommend you to split the 200 mg dose into two, which is to be taken in the morning (100 mg) and the afternoon (100 mg).

Doses higher than 200 mg have been administered. But 300 mg and 400 mg doses have soon no significant effects. Therefore the 200 mg dose is considered to be ideal for Narcolepsy. If you are using Modaheal for Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD), then the recommended dose for you is 200 mg. It is to be taken with water, orally as a single dose. The ideal time to take the pill for maximum benefits for your shift work is to take it one hour before your shift starts.

Students can take it an hour before they are about to begin their studies, or in the morning so that they have a day of enhanced alertness and focus. The dosage suggested for students is 200 mg per day, to be taken orally. You can take Modaheal as a single dosage of 200 mg, or you can split the doses into halves of 100 mg each.

Please discuss with your doctor before using Modaheal if you have the following medical conditions:
  • Heart enlargement
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Chest pain
  • Fluctuating heart rate

If you have any other illness or disease, it is always advisable to get the opinion of your medical health practitioner before using this medicine.

Modaheal can be used for various sleep-related disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders. It also proves beneficial for people whose lifestyle demands them to be more wakeful and alert for their tasks like shift workers and students with challenging course work. Use Modaheal to keep yourself awake, alert, and productive all day long.