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Active Ingredient Bimatoprost
Manufacturers Actiza Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd (INDIA)
Strength 3ml
Indications Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
Packaging 3ml in bottle
Dosages 3ml
Pack Size 10 Bottle, 100 Bottle, 20 Bottle, 40 Bottle, 5 Bottle, 60 Bottle, 80 Bottle
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Pack Size Price Price/unit Quantity Add To Cart
5 bottle $40 $8 /Bottle
10 bottle $70 $7 /Bottle
20 bottle $120 $6 /Bottle
40 bottle $230 $5.75 /Bottle
60 bottle $325 $5.42 /Bottle
80 bottle $420 $5.25 /Bottle
100 bottle $500 $5 /Bottle

It’s tricky to have natural look and feel eyelashes without using any makeup products. Especially, when you have weaker, shorter & thinner eyelashes. Also, eye conditions like ocular hypertension (high pressure in the eyes) and glaucoma make it uncomfortable to lead your routine. What if we say all such health conditions can be treated with one solution? Buy Bimatoprost Australia & bid goodbye to eyelash complaints and both of the eye disorders discussed above.

In this read, we’ll elaborate on this very popular eyelash growth serum and eye disorder treatment.

What is Bimatoprost all about?

Bimatoprost, also known as Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, is an FDA-approved medicine used for treating ocular hypertension and glaucoma. It is also known by the brand name Latisse and Careprost. This 3ml solution is prescribed to adults with underlying eye disorders and children over the age of 5 years. Gradual use of this medication showed improvements with eyelashes. Thus, it began to be prescribed for the beautification of lashes. It helps in achieving longer, stronger & voluminous eyelashes.

What is the prescription use of Bimatoprost?

This medication is available in eye drops and lash growth serum forms which help in improving:

  • Intra-ocular hypertension
  • Open-angular glaucoma
  • Promoting lash hair growth naturally

Where to buy Bimatoprost Australia?

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Important Insights on Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

  • Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is a potentially effective treatment for high pressure in the eyes (ocular hypertension).
  • It shows faster improvements in relaxing your eyes when used for open-angular glaucoma.
  • This eye drop is probably one of the best short-term treatments for the aforementioned eye conditions.
  • You can count on Bimatoprost Lash Growth Serum for a natural look and feel of eyelashes. It nourishes your eyelashes just right & helps you get rid of fake eyelash extensions.
  • This eyelash growth serum works for any adult male or female. The only exemption is pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • It is safe to use this eyelash serum for the long term.

How to use Bimatoprost?

The usage instructions vary according to the medical condition it is suggested for. For instance, people with intra-ocular hypertension or glaucoma squeeze a drop or two in the affected eye. People expected eyelash growth apply the solution on the upper eyelid base. Follow the instructions suggested by the doctor and here are some general tips to consider along:

  • Wash and rinse your hands before using Bimatoprost Eye Drops or Lash Growth Serum.
  • Avoid touching the tip of the nozzle for preventing contamination.
  • Remove your eye makeup or contact lenses before using this ophthalmic solution for lash hair growth or eye disorders. You may put your contact lenses back after 30 minutes of using this medication.
  • For eye disorders (glaucoma or ocular hypertension), squeeze a drop or two in the affected eye only.
  • Close your eyes for a few minutes to allow the eye drops to soothe the pressure.
  • In case of lash hair growth, squeeze a drop of this ophthalmic solution on the applicator brush first. Next, apply it on your upper eyelid base carefully.
  • Avoid applying this lash hair serum on the lower eyelid base or enter your eyes if it isn’t intended for treating any underlying eye disorders.

Note: If Bimatoprost Eyelash Growth Serum enters your eyes accidentally or mistakenly then wash your eyes with tap water immediately. 

What happens if you forget to apply Bimatoprost?

In case you forgot to apply these eye drops or lash serum, relax! This isn’t a one-time medication and comes with a dosage schedule. You can simply continue with the next dose as suggested by the physician. Make sure you don’t miss or skip applications else it would be difficult to see desired improvements.

After-care Instructions

  • Complete your treatment period for experiencing desired results be it for underlying eye disorders or lash growth.
  • You’ll probably feel improvements with eye disorders after a couple of applications. If the condition doesn’t improve then visit your doctor.
  • For retaining results of voluminous, denser & fuller eyelashes, continue treatment for at least six months. You may then visit your healthcare provider for further assistance. Ask them if you can continue it longer.
  • Pause your treatment if you experience any allergic reactions to your eyes after applying this medication. Talk to your doctor first and then continue if advised.
  • Do not pair this medication with any other eye drops or lash growth treatments. If you’re already using any eye drops then discuss with your doctor. Ask them if they’re safe to apply while using this ophthalmic solution.

Does Bimatoprost have any side effects?

The common and well-tolerated side effects of Bimatoprost are as below:

  • Itchy eyelids
  • Redness in eyes
  • Eye pain
  • Irritations or allergic reactions (dryness, swelling, etc)
  • Changes in the pigmentation of Iris
  • Thicker and longer eyelashes

Associated Warnings

  • This is a prescription-only drug. Get yourself a prescription whether you wish to use it for eye disorders or lash hair growth.
  • Inform your doctor if you’re already using any eye drops before applying this medication.
  • It might be unsafe for pregnant and lactating women to use these eye drops or lash hair serum. Talk to your doctor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding before proceeding with the same.
  • Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution can cause discolouration of the Iris. And it is permanent. In most cases, people experience a darker shade of the iris after applying these eye drops. So, don’t be surprised if it happens to you too!
  • Some patients see improvements in eyebrow hair growth too. However, little evidence is available if it is safe to use Bimatoprost for eyebrows.
  • Do not share your medication with anyone else having similar symptoms of open-angular glaucoma or intraocular hypertension. Let them visit a healthcare provider and get their ideal treatment prescribed.
  • This eyelash growth serum can be used by men and women both. However, it should not be used for children below 18 years unless guided by a physician.

Bimatoprost Price Australia

For the latest prices, scroll above and view discounted rates with The prices start from $40 for the 5-bottle pack. If you’re about to use it for the long term then you may order bulk quantity to save big on your order. Apply the GET10 code during checkout for 10% off on this medication.

Guidelines for Storage & Disposal

  • Store your eye drops at a temperature below 30 Degrees Celsius. Prevent its exposure to direct heat or sunlight and moisture.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Discard it in the trash can when no longer in use or expires. Do not flush in the toilet.

Bimatoprost Reviews

“I had a hard time dealing with ocular hypertension for a few months which was instantly soothed by these eye drops. My treatment period was two weeks and the symptoms improved like anything.”

“I’m a 30-years old model who was so done with fake lash extensions. They were making my natural eyelashes weaker, I guess. I was looking for a reliable option that doesn’t ruin my original eyelashes and I found this lash serum. It has become a part of my work routine and I love applying it regularly. Goodbye, mascara!”


Is Bimatoprost for everyone?

Patients diagnosed with eye conditions like intraocular hypertension or open-angular glaucoma are often prescribed eye drops. In addition, it is a natural way to boost lash hair growth. So, if your doctor suggests this eyelash growth serum or eye drops, it’s for you. On this note, avoid using this medication if not prescribed.

When does Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution work?

It soothes your eyes and releases tension from the first dosage when applied for ocular hypertension or glaucoma. In case you’re using it for lash hair growth, it’ll take up to a week or two to start showing improvements. By the time you apply it regularly for two months, you’ll witness amazing results with lash hair.

Does Bimatoprost give permanent results for eyelashes?

The results for eyelashes are wonderful with Bimatoprost. But they’ll last for as long as you keep applying this lash serum. Once discontinued, lash hair growth will bounce back as before. As it is safe to use for eyelash growth in the long run, you may keep using it under medical guidance.

Is Bimatoprost safe for prolonged use?

This medication treats eye disorders in a short period only and it can be discontinued once the eye condition improves. For eyelash growth, it needs to be applied regularly for up to six months. The frequency of application can be reduced once the desired result is achieved. You may apply it less often for maintaining results. For instance, if you used to apply it daily for six months, apply it once or twice a week for retaining improvements.

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