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6 Effective Ways to Fix your Acute Back Pain

6 Effective Ways to Fix your Acute Back Pain

Lower back pain is frustrating to live with. No matter if it is brought by arthritis, damaged nerves, poor posture, or heavy lifting, it should not be left unattended.

According to WHO, lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Also, it is a common reason people reach out for medical help at any point in their lives. Hence, you should not delay in treating back pain regardless of it is acute or chronic. Back pain treatments could range from simple to complex procedures based on the severity of symptoms. For instance, it could go away within weeks using Pain O Soma 350 mg if acute. On the other hand, it may bother you time and again if chronic.

We’re about to discuss the best remedies you may implement for faster & effective back pain relief. Let’s go!

6 Best & Effective Remedies for Back Pain Relief

1) Stretching

Stretching is one of the best physical therapies for managing back pain and correcting imbalances. Visit a professional for stretching exercises that reduce back pain. Some yoga-like ‘child pose’ can also ease lower backache. Alternatively, you may try ‘cat-cow’ stretch, ‘sphinx’ stretch, etc based on the type of muscles you want to relax. Whatever you do, make sure you are only applying gentle pressure on those muscles. Remember that stretching should only contribute to relief and not increase pain.

2) Muscle Relaxants

Prescription medicines are the best ones for back pain relief. This simply means that you should reach out to your doctor whenever you’re not feeling comfortable with your back. Faster-relief muscle relaxants like Pain O Soma can eliminate back pain in a maximum of 4 weeks.

Your doctor would decide whether you should take muscle relaxants alone or in combination with aspirin. Sometimes, topical pain medications or cortisone shots could be prescribed based on the severity of back pain.

3) Ice/Heat packs

Hot or cold packs are one of the oldest and inexpensive therapies to implement. Either of these therapies works best if your back pain stems from collision, spinal stenosis, or sports injuries. They minimize sore muscles and reduce back strain too. However, you should choose ice or heat therapy wisely.

For instance, if you’re suffering from acute back pain then apply an ice pack first and then try a hot pack. In case, if your muscular pain is chronic then a mild heat pack would work. If you’re trying to reduce the bulk or soreness, then apply an ice pack only. Moreover, these packs should be applied for 20 minutes and 3 – 4 times per day.

4) Try to de-stress

High stress can also harm several aspects of your health and back pain is one of them. A stressful lifestyle not only affects your mental health but also changes your breathing patterns. You should be very mindful of how you sit, lie on your couch, the way you operate at the work desk, and so on. If any of these activities add stress to your back then you must change the habit. Side by side, eat healthily, relax & share your thoughts with your loved ones to stay stress-free. After all, mental unload is also important!

6) Get enough sleep

Sleep is often underrated therapy for physical and psychological recovery. So, it’s great to start sleeping in a better position for maintaining good posture during sleep. Whenever your backaches, sleep in a neutral position or just keep you’re back rested straight. If you aren’t comfortable with sleeping on your side, then try altering sides. Also, make sure that your pillow and mattress make you feel comfortable.

7) Keep moving

Whenever you’re injured or undergo back pain, you’ll be advised for bed rest. No wonder it is good for recovery. But, excess resting could limit muscular movements that are essential for relief. It makes for slow recovery & pain could grow. Hence, you should get enough rest but not stick to total bed rest for a longer duration.

Keep moving by performing normal life activities like gentle walking, sitting with back support, etc. Get proper guidance from your therapist.

The Bottom Line

Which of the above-mentioned treatments do you already know? Well, consider consulting your healthcare provider before implementing any for your back pain. Your doctor can determine the best-fitting technique for back pain relief according to your health conditions. Meanwhile, you may perform nominal lifestyle changes as mentioned above & try your best. You may ask your medical care provider if you can use Pain O Soma 500 mg for faster effectiveness.

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