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How does Zopiclone Help Out Chronic Insomniacs?

How does Zopiclone help out chronic insomniacs

We’re grown up listening to the ideal sleep guidelines. Also, many adults like us have tried sticking to the 7 – 9 hour sleep cycle rule. Well, sound sleep is far beyond this. It isn’t in the number of hours you sleep but the quality of sleep you’re getting regularly.

Ask about the importance of sleep to someone who isn’t able to sleep well. Some people aren’t getting quality sleep for years & they don’t even realize that it is a problem. Some experience trouble initiating sleep while others find it difficult to stay asleep throughout the nighttime. When this becomes a routine, chronic insomnia kicks in.

What are Chronic Insomniacs?

What are Chronic Insomniacs

Chronic insomniacs are nothing but living with sleep difficulties for the long term. People suffering from chronic insomniacs are experiencing insomnia or sleeplessness symptoms for quite a long term. In other words, they hold a long history of difficulties in sleeping.

If you’re having any chronic insomniacs symptoms like trouble getting asleep or staying asleep then consult your medical care provider first. Share your thoughts on sleep patterns and you might be prescribed effective medicines like Imovane 7.5 mg.

You know it is chronic insomniacs when you’re experiencing its symptoms at least thrice per week for three months or more. Just make sure that you don’t get habituated to these adverse effects of chronic insomnia otherwise the symptoms will only get worse.

Before finding out a solution to chronic insomniacs, let’s talk about the basics of sleep.

What do you mean by a sleep cycle?

Sleep is more than shutting your eyes and entering restorative mode. Your total sleep is a sum of different sleep cycles that is made up of different sleep stages. Typically, a person goes through six stages of sleep cycles throughout the night. Each such sleep cycle has a distinct length. But, they last for up to 90 minutes each.

You don’t even realize that your sleep cycle is making a shift during nighttime. With this said, the first sleep cycle is mostly the shortest i.e. 70 to 100 minutes. On the other hand, the rest of the sleep cycles range between 90 and 120 minutes.

Surprisingly, this sleep cycle isn’t uniform for all of us. It varies according to age, addiction like alcohol, recent sleep patterns, and so on.

Sleep Stages

Generally, there are four sleep stages wherein one is rapid-eye-moment (REM sleep) and the rest three form non-REM sleeps.

  • Stage 1

It is also known as the ‘dozing off’ phase. This normally lasts for 1 to 5 minutes only. An individual in this first stage of sleep is not fully relaxed. However, the body and brain activities start to slow down with a period of brief twitches. The brain activities start changing lightly.

You can easily wake up someone who is in this first stage of a sleep cycle. But, if they don’t feel disturbed then they may have moved to stage-2.

  • Stage 2

Your body enters a more subdued state wherein they experience a drop in temperature, muscle relaxation, and the slowdown of heart rate and breathing. During this time, the brain waves show a new sleep pattern and eye movement stops completely. In a nutshell, brain activity slows down but some short bursts of activity still happen.

Stage-2 generally lasts for 10 to 25 minutes.

  • Stage 3

This is better known as deep sleep. It is often hard to wake someone who has entered this phase. In short, your body is deeply relaxing in this phase with decreased muscle tone, pulse & breathing rate.

However, the brain activity in this period has an identifiable pattern known as delta waves. This is the reason why stage-3 is also known as slow-wave sleep or delta sleep.

Do you know? Experts believe that this sleep stage is very critical to restorative sleep. It allows your body to recover and grow. Stage-3 bolsters your immunity system and other body processes. Even if your brain activity is slow, it contributes to insightful thinking, memory & creativity. This lasts for up to 40 minutes.

  • Stage 4

Here, the brain activity picks up. You can say that this last sleep stage is the nearing level when you’re about to awake. At the same time, your body experiences temporary muscle paralysis with two exceptions – eyes & muscles controlling breathing. Even if your eyes are closed, they’re visible moving quickly. This is the reason this sleep stage is known as rapid eye movement.

Chronic Insomnia & its effects on Sleep Cycle

As you can see, each sleep stage is important for your sleep cycle. A healthy sleep comprises all four sleep stages successfully. On the other hand, individuals suffering from chronic insomnia may find it difficult to enter stage-1. Also, they experience multiple nighttime awakenings which means they aren’t entering stage-2 or stage-3 smoothly.

You can assume the havoc it creates on your brain and body as you aren’t getting the rest you deserve. In such situations, it is important to start restoring the normal sleep cycle with medicines like Zopiclone 7.5 mg.

The Effects of Zopiclone on Sleep

Zopiclone is one of the best sleeping pills used for treating short-term and chronic insomnia. Not only does it helps you to fall asleep quickly but also prevents nighttime awakenings. It works by relaxing the brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid. You only have to take this medicine for 2 to 4 weeks and your normal sleep cycle restores.

According to a study,

Zopiclone significantly increased the duration of stage 2 sleep, decreased stages 3 and 4 sleep, and had no effect on the duration of REM sleep. There were no reported side effects.”

This is just an instance; you may be prescribed other sleeping aid pills based on your medical health conditions. Moreover, you should make all possible efforts for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. After all, good sleep is not an option but a necessity.


If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from chronic insomniacs then consult an expert soon. Don’t get comfortable with sleeplessness otherwise, it will invite other health troubles. So, you better visit your doctor and find effective solutions like Zopiclone.

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