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Is ‘wake-up pills’ becoming the new Caffeine?

Is wake-up pills becoming the new Caffeine

We’re a generation who just cannot have enough of the 24-hour day. A lot of work is in the queue and we wish to stretch productivity at any cost. With this said, wake-up pills enter the picture.

Also known as smart drugs, limitless pills & nootropics, wakeup pills have become a buzzword these days. Not only the millennial or Gen-Z generation, everyone extracts distinct benefits from these oral tablets. Before you’re prescribed one or buy one of the like Waklert, let us share some essentials on the same.

People who’re leading a sleep-deprived life are compromising on quality sleep just to earn a living. Maybe they have different reasons responsible for not getting enough sleep. But, it doesn’t make any sense to stay wide awake and harm yourself.

Sleep is a necessity you just cannot ignore!

Sleep is a necessity you just cannot ignore!

The standard sleep regime states that adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep daily. I repeat sound sleep. Sleep is a physical need like food and oxygen. Qualitative sleep ensures that your brain is functioning with 100% activeness, your mental health is aligned & you’re ready to tackle physical challenges too.

On the opposite side, if you ignore sleep hygiene then you’re neglecting good health. You may feel physically exhausted and get frustrated soon. It will start taking a toll on your mental health in no time. Mental health problems like stress, anxiety, depression, and more will follow soon.

This is what you will not want to happen to you. And so, people prefer taking wake-up pills like Modalert. Not only do these medicines allow you to remain active, but they also improve cognitive performance like anything. You feel energetic and full of life. No challenges feel the burden and no tasks are boring for as long as you use these smart drugs.

Can smart drugs replace good sleep?

Mainly, smart drugs are brain stimulants. They enhance brain capabilities, improve decision-making & memorization. You’re more likely to make better decisions because you can consider probabilities for the scenario. This could be the reason why smart drugs are becoming favorites among entrepreneurs, CEOs, shift workers, artists, graduate students, and so on.

Setting its benefits apart, smart drugs or any other medicines cannot replace sleep. Nothing in this whole wide world can be a replacement for sleep, you know! Even if you’re taking nootropics, they are not recommended for daily or long-term use.

What do wake-up pills do?

In simple words, brain supplements like Modvigil or similar smart drugs keep you active and awake just like a nice cup of coffee.

They’re assumed to work by boosting dopamine levels in the brain. Additionally, they also increase noradrenaline and serotonin receptors for increasing focus and mental clarity. As a result, users end up with more wakefulness and optimized mental performance.

Are they addictive?

Yes! One of the downsides of smart drugs is they’re addictive and have a high potential for abuse if consumed regularly. Moreover, you’re recommended to discontinue them as per the guidance of your healthcare provider.

Just like the addictiveness to drugs and caffeine, nootropics can make you habituated to them. As soon as their effectiveness starts wearing off, you’ll wish to have another dose to stay awake. Overall, you’re signaling your body to only stay awake & not giving time to rest. Ultimately, you’ll start living a sleep-deprived life which is not recommended at all.

Wakeup pills – to use or not to use?

We’ve discussed the benefits and also seen the disadvantages you may experience if you overuse them. Well, we would rather say that you must take wake-up pills upon prescription only. It’s when your doctor approves them for you and provides dosage guidance. You know what you are up to and if they’re safe for them. Thus, you can be assured that you’re not doing any self-harm, right?

How to decide whether it is a YES or NO?

Several factors determine whether or not you should try nootropics.

Firstly, is it a necessity or a desire for your schedule? For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur, shift worker, pilot, military personnel, or someone who needs the extra capacity of the brain then you can surely go for it. But, if you’re willing to test the efficiency of your brain time and again then you better stay away.

Secondly, do you have any sleep disorders already? If yes, then using nootropics like Modafinil could put you in trouble. Your sleep disorder symptoms may only get worse because you’ll be staying more awake.

Finally, consult your doctor and inform them if you’re having any sensitive health problems. Discuss with them if you can stand the effects of these wakefulness promoter medications. If you get a green signal from your healthcare provider then go ahead and try wake-up pills.

What’s the buzz about Modafinil?

Modafinil is one of the bestselling and most prescribed nootropics or wake-up pills worldwide. It is the key ingredient in smart drugs like Modalert. Not only this limitless pill promotes wakefulness but also treats short-term sleep disorders. It is a prescription medicine for narcolepsy (uncontrollable sleepiness disorder during the daytime).

This wakeup pill takes around an hour or two to be effective. Once active in your bloodstream, it can keep you energetic for 10 hours straight. Some users claim that they have experienced up to 12 hours of wakefulness with each Modafinil dose.

Modafinil is chosen for its low abuse potential and fewer side effects. It is so because this smart drug works by targeting different brain receptors than amphetamines. You cannot develop a tolerance to this drug. But still, you’re supposed to use it cautiously.

People with a hectic work schedule like military fighters can stay up for a couple of days with just one dose of Modafinil tablet. In short, this nootropic keeps you going. Meanwhile, you’ll be glad to find that this medicine is being tested as a complementary treatment for sleep apnea. Also, it is under the testing phase for treating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind

Though the benefits of Modafinil are quite impressive, it is a prescription-only medicine. Moreover, it has negative interactions with anti-seizure medications and medicines used for heart diseases. It can also reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.

The bottom line is – don’t just use wakeup pills casually. You must give them a try only if you’re to handle an important task. As mentioned above, wake-up pills can lead to a sleep-deprived lifestyle. It further alters your endocrine and immune system. You can never do justice to that sleep loss by taking nootropics. Lastly, if you cannot sleep well then figure out the cause and then use any medicine.

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