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Modafinil And Biohacking: How Are They Linked?

Biohacking and modafinil

Biohacking is one of the most trending topics in the world right now and its scope includes a wide range of areas, a few of which are only explored by a few elites of the world.

There are many people who talk about biohacking, and different people use different terms for it, but what is biohacking in layman’s terms?

A Simple and Brief Introduction to Biohacking

Biohacking means hacking biology if you break down the word. By biohacking, the goal is to optimize or upgrade the workings of the body, or biology, and it does not necessarily have to be the human body.

There have been various types of researches conducted on plants, animals, bacteria, and even viruses, and many different mediums are used to upgrade the characteristics of the biology of the organism or the plant that is being researched.

Some of the common examples of biohacking in humans are transfusion of a young person’s blood in the body of an older person with the hope that it will prolong the younger person’s life span and even using stimulants like caffeine to keep the body alert and awake when your body wants to sleep.

Biohacking is not as unattainable as you may think, in fact, many of us biohacking our bodies without even knowing that we are doing it, such as drinking coffee to stay awake at night, taking supplements to provide vital nutrients to the body, or even trying intermittent fasting to lose weight!

Seeing all these examples, we can say that biohacking or do-it-yourself biology, as it is sometimes called, is a means to enhance or optimize certain characteristics of the body in any living organism.


What is Brain-Hacking by biohacking and what are its Links with Modafinil?

Brain hacking is a part of biohacking, but here the focus is on hacking the brain to optimize its performance and get better results in all areas of our life.

Brain hacking

The benefits of brain hacking are manyfold as in some ways our brain is the commander in chief of our whole body, so optimizing your brain will directly result in the optimization of your entire body.

If you have tried meditation to calm your brain, you will find that with regular practice, there is an increase in the grey matter in the brain which improves the functioning of the brain.

This should clear up the misconception that brain hacking is not safe or cannot be performed outside of a lab.

If you are fairly active on social media or keep up with performance development blogs and studies, you must have heard about Modafinil.

Modafinil is a drug, a medicinal drug majorly prescribed for treating excessive daytime sleepiness, but many recent studies have shown that this drug shows promising results in its use as a nootropic or a cognitive enhancing drug.

Doctors across the whole world have been reported to prescribe Modafinil for off-label use which includes treatment of depression, fatigue, and even Attention Deficit Disorder as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, and seen positive results.

But this drug also has a huge following in the brain-hacking world as it offers various benefits for cognitive enhancement, apart from its obvious use for making people stay awake and active for longer hours and work effectively even at night when most people have the tendency to fall asleep.


Let’s Explore the Various Benefits or Perks that the Wakefulness Promoting Drug Modafinil Offers its Users:

We have already talked about the medical uses of Modafinil and its effectiveness in treating excessive sleepiness and diseases associated with this symptom such as narcolepsy, Shift Work Sleep disorder, and different types of sleep apnea.

So, in this section, our prime focus in exploring the properties of this wakefulness-promoting medication and the positive effects it brings for its users.


Modafinil Makes You Alert:

There are various things we can do to keep ourselves awake, such as taking a brisk walk, binge eats a salty or sugary snack, or even gulp down multiple cups of coffee.

So why would doctors prescribe this eugeroic drug for keeping awake, when we can feel awake simply by washing our faces with cold water, right?

That’s because keeping our eyes open is not enough, if we want to perform for longer hours without sleep or avoid falling asleep, we have to be alert and feel active.

When a person takes Modafinil, they feel awake, but they also feel alert and active and their brain is fully present so that they can work at the tasks at hand without the risk of falling asleep in the middle of the task or losing focus which can make way for the poor quality of work.


Modafinil Expands Your Information Retaining Capacity

When we use this drug, it sharpens our senses and expands our brain’s capacity to collect, analyze and retain information. It also makes it much easier for us to recall back the information when we need it and makes our brain faster and more efficient in recognizing and forming patterns using the information that we come across.

Many students use Modafinil for studying which makes them solve various puzzles and questions quickly and even helps them remember what they learn more easily.


Modafinil Sharpens Our Focus

You must have noticed that when we are sleepy, or drowsy or if we have been working on a task for a considerable span of time, we tend to lose focus.

We may then dally around, procrastinate, and then may finish the task in a hurry when we run out of enough time.

But with Modafinil, it is different. You will have uninterrupted hours of focus while this drug is in your system and you will be less susceptible to any outside distractions.

The uninterrupted focus in the notification-abundant world is a luxury that you can easily gain with the use of this medication.


Modafinil Makes You More Productive

work productivity

Modafinil is a prescription medication for people who suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder as their sleep cycles are pretty messed up.

But staying awake and alert are not the only benefits that Modafinil gives them, in fact, most of the people who take this drug and suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder, report that they are much productive at work and get things done faster and the quality of their work is also better when the medication is in their system.

This could be due to the fact that wakefulness-promoting drug improves focus, improves information retaining capacity as well as improves problem-solving skills which are sure to boost the productivity of people who use it.


Modafinil Helps You Make Better Decisions:

Modafinil bio hacks your brain, and one of the major things our brain does is to make big and small decisions. We don’t even realize but our brain is making decisions all the time and there is something known as decision fatigue. When you have decision fatigue, your brain becomes tired and is not able to make good decisions.

You can remedy that with this pill as it helps in making good decisions and controls impulse activities. In fact, many people who use Modafinil report that using this nootropic medication prevents them from making rash financial decisions and prevented impulse shopping sprees.

This could mean that you could choose to complete your project instead of scrolling through pictures on Instagram or taking a walk instead of watching television. This drug allows you to make better decisions because it makes you better at collecting information, analyzing it, and coming up with the action plan that has the most potential to bring favorable results.


Modafinil Improves Your Mood 

There are solid reasons why doctors offer Modafinil to people who suffer from depression as an alternative medication, as off-label use.

It is because this wakefulness-promoting agent improves the mood of the people who take it and thus they feel more active, focused, and happier.

This could be due to the fact that a person suffering from depression tends to feel lethargic, sleepy, and inactive and Modafinil wakes them up, sharpening their senses and makes them feel more alert and awake which may boost serotonin production in their body and relieve the symptoms of depression.


Modafinil Re-Energizers the Body

This use of Modafinil is more about biohacking or body hacking, as it has obvious results on the physical body. A person who takes this pill feels energized which is why they are able to work for longer hours and able to produce a better quality of work.

Many doctors prescribe Modafinil for the treatment of symptoms of fatigue, which is chronic tiredness and this drug has offered some promising results to people. Many studies conducted on the uses of this Eugeroic drug show that there is a potential in it to be used as a prescribed medication for the treatment of both short-term as well as chronic fatigue.


How Did Modafinil Become a Popular Choice to Explore for People into Biohacking?

Biohacking with existing medications often begins in labs and research facilities and the elite people such as CEOs of world-known brands are known to take an active interest in improving themselves much before the world.

Modafinil was first used in the Silicon Valley for keeping people awake for longer hours, but it was Hollywood that brought this less known drug its share of fame.

The movie called Limitless talks about a fictional drug called NZT-48, which completely transforms the life of the lead character within a very less span of time. NZT-48 is a miracle drug that improves all the areas of the user’s life and it was soon discovered that this fictional drug was based on the drug Modafinil.

Modafinil soon was high on people’s search list as the real-life limitless drug and today almost everyone into biohacking or improving their life has heard about this drug and its benefits.


How does Modafinil Give So many Benefits to Us?

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting drug, but it is also a nootropic drug, which you also call a smart drug.

The smart drug improves the cognitive functioning of the brain and thus it offers all the benefits of upgrading the normal functioning of the brain.

There have been many studies conducted on the functioning of Modafinil, trying to understand how it works in enhancing brain functions but there is not much evidence and too many probabilities which signify not definitive yet.

But all the studies agree that Modafinil works by assisting the neurotransmitters of the brain and boosting the release of neurochemicals such as endorphins, serotonin as well as dopamine.

The chemical dopamine is famous for motivating us to work towards getting rewards, endorphins help us work for a longer time without succumbing to tiredness and serotonin makes us happier.

So, what Modafinil does is that it upgrades the functioning of the brain, and our brain gives us the better production of neurotransmitters which drives us towards our success, which is a prime example of brain hacking or biohacking.


Why is the Smart Drug Modafinil so Popular with Biohackers Across the Globe?

There are a variety of medications, drinks, and branded products which claim to hack your brain and there are even herbs that can act as nootropics, then why do people prefer to use Modafinil?


Modafinil is NOT a stimulant:

Let’s talk about the fact that Modafinil is a smart drug and it has properties that you will find in other stimulant substances, but the best thing about Modafinil is that is not a stimulant.

Stimulants such as caffeine have the tendency to cause addiction and if we try to stop them there are severe withdrawal symptoms and after a while, you just keep taking more of them which just damages your whole body.

But Modafinil is not like that, yes you get the benefits of a stimulating smart drug, but minus all the addiction risk or the fear of withdrawal symptoms.


Modafinil Can Be Affordable:

There are many different brands of Modafinil available in various countries now, while in the past only Provigil, the trademarked one was available.

But there are various different generic brands as well as Modalert and Modvigil which are sold at a fraction of the price of the trademarked one as are just as effective and safe.


Modafinil is a Relatively Safer Way to Bio hack Your Brain

Modafinil and Brain hacking

Now, compared to other ways to brain hacking such as getting a computer-operated chip inserted in your body, or transmuted the blood of another human into your body, or even injected modified DNA into your system, taking a pill of Modafinil is much simpler and safer.

Also, many people are using it, experiencing good results and most of them do not suffer from any major side-effects so people can compare results and even doctors and experts can help as it is a well-researched medication.


Modafinil works in enhancing your brain

There are plenty of biohacking tips and brain hacking advice you can find from performance gurus as well as experimental scientists but you cannot be sure if they will work.

But with Modafinil, there is countless evidence, various reviews, and word-of-mouth experiences of people who have used Modafinil in real-time and observed positive results.


High-Performers & Over-Achievers Make Use of It

Many people who use this pill for biohacking are from reputed industries and fields, and many new-age entrepreneurs and pioneers in the fled of technology and science are in favor of the use of this wakefulness-promoting drug for improving their effectiveness at work and setting up their minds to success.


The Results are Quick and Relatively Effortless

Compared to other ways of biohacking your body, using Modafinil is easy, all you have to do is take the tablet, and you are good to go. You will enjoy the positive properties of this medication as long as the drug is active in your system and then it will be eliminated from your body.

Unlike other bio hacks such as intermitted fasting, you don’t have to keep your mind off food for a few hours, or only eat during a restrictive time window, all you have to do is just to pop a pill.

Also, you don’t have to wait for a few days or months to see results, once the onset of the medication is complete in your system, which is about 30 minutes, you will be ready to perform like a productive human with enhanced cognitive function, better than the normal best.

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