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Your nervous system is involved in everything that your body is doing. It involves breathing regulation, muscle control, and heat and cold sensing.

What is Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain is also known as neuropathic pain. It occurs when certain health conditions damage your nerves that transport sensations to the brain. It’s a specific type of pain that feels different from other types of pain.

According to a study, one in every ten people feels neuropathic pain after the age of 30. In our body, there are lots of nerves available. When you are suffering from some pain, your sleep is a major concern and nerve pain creates more sleeping difficulties.

Generally, we tried to find out what causes pain and why nerve pain is worse at night? Approximately 100 reasons can cause nerve pain.

Chronic Nerve Pain

How to Sleep Better with Chronic Nerve Pain

Some factors are connected with your sleep and chronic nerve pain. Let’s see what to do when nerve pain is getting out of hand and what factors can help to get better sleep.

Body Position

Body position matters when you are suffering from some nerve pain. If you have nerve pain in your hand and your sleeping position is like you lie down on your hand and you put your head on it, you may feel some trouble. Nerve pain in the legs, backside, on your shoulders, feet, anywhere can occur.

When you lie down and put weight on your body, it may put pressure on your nerves that cause you more pain. So, find a suitable position where you get relief from your pain and get a good night’s sleep.

Medication Timing and Dosage

Taking the medication at a suitable time with a proper given dosage is an important factor. Generally, the doctor prescribes Gabapentin for the treatment of nerve pain. Patients must take that medication at a given time and the proper dosage.

Generally, Gabapentin 300 mg is the recommended dosage for patients who have neuropathic pain. Patients must take this dosage as their doctor prescribes and at that dosage as prescribed. Patients must follow their doctor’s guidelines and do not increase or decrease their dosage without consulting the doctor.


The cool atmosphere of your bedroom helps you to get a good sleep. But if you are suffering from arthritis, a cool atmosphere can make your pain worsen. The atmosphere affects the pain, whether you notice it or not, but make sure you are comfortable at which temperature you are comfortable.

Attention and Distraction

Generally, people are paying more attention to their pain, which triggers their nerve pain more. In any disease, if you pay more attention, you will get more pain. It doesn’t mean that we ignore that pain, but we do have to pay more attention to the pain.

If you can distract yourself from that pain, it will help you mentally relax. Suppose your doctor prescribes you the perfect dosage of Gabapentin 400 mg to cure your nerve pain, and after taking this dosage, you constantly wait for nerve pain relief that doesn’t help you. If you are too hyper over your pain, it may affect you negatively.

Get Appreciate Exercise

Some particular exercises help best in the treatment of neuropathic pain. Exercises can be suggested as in which body part has nerve pain. If you have mild nerve pain, Gabapentin 100 mg and some exercise can treat your pain easily.

Sometimes, doing more exercise than needed causes your symptoms to worsen. Doing wrong exercise also causes you more pain, so before you do any exercise, contact your doctor first.

Prepare Mentally

In any disorder, your mental health is affected the most. You can recover your health more quickly if you are well prepared mentally. Psychological effects matter a lot while you are suffering from something.

Many patients beat some major diseases with their mental stability and many people are not able to come out of minor problems. Mental stability and patience make the difference most in any situation.

Practice Good Sleep Habits

If you want to relax from any suffering, you must have to plan your routine correctly. In regular life, we are habitual of many irregular activities and these irregular habits cannot help you to improve symptoms. Firstly, you must have to change them.

Irregular habits of sleeping, working, and most importantly, eating habits make a huge difference. Properly having proper food can help you the most. Some vitamin deficiencies can also disturb your sleep. You must know the link between vitamins and sleep. If you have more sleeping difficulties, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Maintain your Food

Many diseases start with your eating habits. Your routine food affects you the most when you are suffering from any disease. Food plays a vital role in any treatment. Once you control it, you can improve your health.

Some bad habits, like eating heavy food at dinner or eating food before going to bed, can disturb your sleep. If you want to sleep peacefully, you must change these habits.

Hormone Level

When we are sleeping, hormone levels, metabolism, and biochemical processes adjust in our bodies. So it is one of the factors that can affect pain and sleep.


When you are suffering from nerve pain, having a good sleep isn’t easy at all. A few habits and proper medications can treat your nerve pain and sleeping difficulties.

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