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Uk’s Top Sleeping Pills Over The Counter

1. Uk's Top Sleeping Pills Over The Counter

Sleeping pills or sleeping supplements we need because of facing some sleeping difficulties at night. Insomnia, anxiety, depression, and many reasons that make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Current scenario of the UK about sleep disorder

As per a study, There are 16M adults are suffering from Insomnia sleep disorder. Approximately 67% of UK adults have sleep troubles and suffering with poor sleep quality. This info says a lot, how UK adults are suffering from sleep disorders.

Top 10 cities in the United Kingdom with Insomnia

  1. Cardiff
  2. Sheffield
  3. Glasgow
  4. Newcastle
  5. Norwich
  6. Belfast
  7. Bristol
  8. Manchester
  9. Leeds
  10. Nottingham

Why do we need sleeping pills?

Sleep is one of the most important factors of our life cycle, and if these things suffer a bit, it affects everything. Once our sleep is disturbed, then it affects our physical and mental health. This thing can cause you excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. They feel so dozy all day, and they cannot focus on their work or are not able to perform well at their workplace.

Suffering from these all things, we should consult the doctor and get the most reliable way to enhance our sleep quality. They can suggest to us which are the safest sleeping pills for our health.

Which are the best sleeping pills?

There are many sleeping pills available on the market. But According to doctors, health experts, what are the best sleeping pills? Let’s see.

Best Sleeping Pills in the UK

1) Zopiclone

zopicloneZopiclone is one of the most preferred choices of most doctors to treat insomnia. Sleeping pill zopiclone is a nonbenzodiazepine and sedative-hypnotic that belongs to Z drug. Zopiclone tablets are famous as well as their brand name Zimovane. Zopiclone Buy to enhance sleep quality and treat insomnia symptoms.

Zopiclone tablets are available in two different dosages like Zopiclone 7.5mg and Zopiclone 10 mg. These Zopiclone pills are the safest sleeping pills and, doctors suggest these pills for the short term.

2) Zolpidem

Zolpidem, also known as Ambien, is also used to improve insomnia. Sleeping pills Zolpidem are nonbenzodiazepine and sedative-hypnotic. There are many forms of zolpidem and, your doctor suggests, which is best for you.

Generally, patients have confusion for Zopiclone vs Zolpidem about what do they have to choose?

3) Melatonin

Melatonin maintains our sleep-wake cycle or biological clock and, it is also helpful to preserve our sleep. Melatonin 10 mg tablet can help you to get rid of insomnia. This sleeping tablet Melatonin 10 mg is perfectly safe to take as long as you follow the directions. If you want to discontinue taking this sleeping tablet, do so after talking with your doctor to avoid experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

4) Eszopiclone

Eszopiclone sleeping pills are sedative and famous for inducing sleep in patients with Insomnia. Sleeping pill Eszopiclone is popular In the USA by its brand name Lunesta and, it’s available in two different dosages. The doctor prescribes Eszopiclone 3mg or Eszopiclone 2 mg, but these dosages are dependent on the condition of patients.

These tablets can help you to fall asleep for the next eight hours. These sleeping tablets are helpful, but be aware of misuse. Otherwise, this thing puts you in some critical situations.


These are the best sleeping pills and, these pills are given based on the patient’s health condition. Whether you buy zopiclone, Eszopiclone, Zolpidem, you must have to inform your doctor before you start taking these sleeping tablets.

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