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Why do Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks Hit me Hard?


Anxiety and Anxiety are two mental health conditions that may occur in people of all kinds of age groups, professionals, and nationality. Even though anxiety can occur in all types of people, and more people are aware of their mental health now than in the past, anxiety and anxiety attacks can make you feel alienated and alone.

When you are dealing with anxiety, and suffering in your own way to fit in with other people or struggling to cope up with the people around you, you may want to know the reason and the cause behind your condition.

Unfortunately, the exact mechanism that causes anxiety has not yet been determined in spite of the developments made by science. But we surely know more about anxiety now than we did in the past. Most of the cases of anxiety spring from factors that are environmental, but they may be genetic for some people.

Anxiety and anxiety make a person feel nerve-wracking fear which is not usual for most us, the fear or anxiousness may be from a real threat or even an imaginary or perceived threat.

Many people who suffer from depression, or may have been victims of physical or sexual abuse also are likely to develop anxiety even if they were completely healthy before.

Let’s explore the various condition, situations, or even health conditions that may be the reason behind your anxiety.


Chronic Diseases and Health Conditions: 

The way our body functions makes a lot of difference in how we feel and it definitely impacts the way our brain perceives things. Now every one of us gets sick once in a while but those things don’t usually result in anxiety, but conditions such as cancer, surgery, or a condition needing an implant may cause anxiety. Anxiety often breaks you down so that it becomes much more difficult to deal with conditions such as cancer or tumors along with anxiety.

If you any such illness, and perhaps your anxiety springs from the time you have been diagnosed with the frightening condition that probably took away your mother then it is best to get professional help. Firstly let your doctor know that the news is making you anxious and he or she or they may inform you more about the treatments and even guide you to a reliable solution for your anxiety.


Financial Problems:

Healthcare and treatments are getting more and more advanced, but most of them don’t come cheap. Apart from health care, education is expensive, buying a home or even renting a place is a big financial commitment and the cost of living is going up and ahead, while there isn’t much we can do to increase our income at the same rate as our expenses do. If you are struggling to make ends meet month after month, the stress may manifest itself in form of anxiety.

But don’t let financial emergencies take away your mental peace, first and foremost to do this is to get help. Find out ways you can pay off your debt as soon as possible, ask your family members to help you for a while. Having a counselor or financial advisor will also be great to help you get through the difficult times, along with a professional to help you with your anxiety.


Accidents, Violence, or Abuse:

You might be a perfectly healthy person but if you have suddenly been exposed to an accident such a road accident, or an emergency in the plane or a violent mob, or even mugging, it might leave you anxious and the next time you are around a car or in the plane or crossing the street where you have been mugged, your anxiety will be triggered.

People who have been victims of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse may also suffer from anxiety and anxiety attacks apart from self-esteem issues, depression, and inferiority complex.


Substance Abuse and Even Caffeine:

Everyone drinks once in a while but people there are some people who get so caught in the clutches of alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs, and at times even prescription medication and caffeine in soft drinks and coffee can result in anxiety.

Please make sure that the drink too much or watch out how you may be feeling after drinking or using these various substances, anxiety due to substance abuse may not be visible right away from if you keep track or ask a professional to monitor your behaviour after a shot of caffeine drinks or excessive alcohol you may be able to find out the connection between them and your anxiety.

Addictions can also lead to anxiety, so you may want to seek medical help to get your addiction in control and get rid of the anxiety that comes with it, please make sure that you don’t go turkey or stop suddenly because withdrawal symptoms that come are often worse and hard to deal with without medical help. If you do it on your own, without any professional help, it will very likely that you will fall back into a relapse and come back with an addiction that worse than before.


Social Events and Stage Performance:

Due to the constant connection between us and everyone, we are always in focus, one way or the other. Being connected is good, but for some people, all the constant exposure may lead to fear of social events and there are many artists who are frightened of the stage even if they are good performers.

Such anxiety can be dealt with regular practice and help, your doctor may also prescribe you medications to treat your anxiety that springs from such events.


Constant Stress and Negative Thoughts:

Some people live a life that is filled with so much stress that it makes it difficult for them to enjoy their life or relax in any way which leads to various mental and physical conditions including anxiety.

If you are just pushing yourself from one task to another, without any rest or break, you might want to alter your schedules a bit to give yourself some peace.

Then there some times when we cannot help but assume the worst possible outcomes from any given situation. No matter what happens, you may assume the worst possible, for instance, a new mother who joins back work after spending a lot of time with her baby tends to assume the worse when she is away from the baby and may need to constantly check on the nanny or caretaker to assure that the baby is safe.

Shifting your focus to more positive thoughts will help you in dealing with anxiety, apart from professional help, you may want to try meditation, and even journaling, even bullet journaling or gratitude journal will help.


Personal Anxiety Triggers:

Each individual is different, and there is a variety of reasons that may cause you anxiety for you which may be of no significance to other people. Our personal experiences, as well as our own reaction to events, plays a huge role in making things cause anxiety in us. For instance, a person who has been divorced recently may find marriages to cause anxiety for them, or a person who had a near-death experience of drowning and being saved may become extremely anxious when they are around water bodies such as rivers or swimming pools. Personal anxiety triggers are different for everyone.

When it comes to personal triggers, others may not empathize with you, they may not always understand the significance as well as the impact of the triggers for you, so we encourage you to go and seek professional help so that your life isn’t ruined due to the impact of the personal triggers on your mind and your body.

Apart from these reasons, there may be various other reasons, sometimes horror movies can also cause anxiety, and soldiers back from war even feel anxious in safe and peaceful environments. Getting a personal diagnose will help in finding out the specific root of the problem and help in speeding up your recovery and treatment. Seek help, do not suffer or suppress your feelings, your feelings are valid.

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