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Pain O Soma: Improve your Sleep with Arthritis

Pain O Soma Improve your Sleep with Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Sleep Problems

Arthritis affects your physical and mental health conditions beyond imagination. Basically, ‘arthritis’ is a collective term describing several issues related to joints. For instance, the pain & stiffness of joints or in the nearby tissues of the joints is termed arthritis. No matter which type of arthritis you’re suffering from, it affects sleep badly.

People suffering from arthritis have common triggers. In other words, most people suffer from arthritis due to common reasons. Hence, they all face difficulties in initiating sleep & remaining asleep.

You can say that arthritis and sleeplessness share a two-way relationship. Firstly, the patient is unable to sleep well due to pain and discomfort. Secondly, it’s the pain and discomfort that makes sleeping well even harder.

Which Arthritis do symptoms affect sleep?

Nearly 80% of people cannot sleep well because they’re suffering from arthritis. The symptoms like aches, stiffness, swollen joints & discomfort make it difficult to doze off as desired. People start blaming nights for increasing their arthritis pain while the reality is something else.

The pain and inflammation experienced during nighttime do not allow the patient to rest and recover. Thus, they wake up with complaints of sleeplessness as well as increased arthritis pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Sleep Problems

Generally, the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) flare up when the patient isn’t getting quality sleep. Thus, the symptoms keep getting worse. Additionally, the patient is more likely to develop mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Can you sense the need for sound sleep here?!

Sleep Interferences by Psoriatic arthritis

Not only does Psoriatic arthritis causes joint pain but also skin problems. Thus, the interference with sleep will likely remain. According to a study conducted in 2019, 68% of sufferers have sleeplessness due to Psoriatic arthritis. Pain O Soma 500mg could be helpful if you’re having Psoriatic arthritis so that you don’t face insomnia due to its pain.

Other Arthritis Symptoms Disturbing Sleep

Technically, only arthritis isn’t responsible for sleep disturbances. Sometimes, Gout & PsA are comorbid. Their appearances at the same time trigger sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder when an individual starts and stops breathing at night. When breathing stops, the patient may wake up worried and this can happen throughout the night. As a result, the overall sleep quality is affected.

The Drastic Effects of Sleeplessness on Your Lifestyle

Needless to say, your mind and body aren’t ready to function to their fullest strength when you don’t get enough sleep. It’s fine if you cannot sleep well for a day or two because you know you’ll catch up with sleep the next day. But, if it becomes a routine then you know it’s double trouble.

Do you know? Fatigue, anxiety & a consistent desire to sleep arises due to sleeplessness. You’re unable to focus on your professional life. Gradually, you start losing the balance between personal and professional life too. Here are a few major lifestyle changes listed below which usually happen due to the lack of sleep.

  • Your body starts releasing hormones that relieve pain while you’re asleep. So, you’re more likely to remain painful during the daytime if you aren’t getting enough sleep.
  • Sleeplessness makes you lose control over pain management as well as other routine life activities.
  • Many studies state that people undergo higher levels of depression if they aren’t sleeping enough. Around 31% of people with osteoarthritis report trouble initiating sleep & staying asleep. This lack of sleep keeps piling up & the patient enters an intense depressive state.

How to get GOOD QUALITY sleep?

Pain is inevitable when you have arthritis. But, you may make pain management easier with oral & effective medications like Pain O Soma. Moreover, you can also make arthritis pain more manageable with a few lifestyle changes like:

  • Cutting on alcohol intake and drug addictions
  • Stick to your bedtime routine. Make sure you sleep & wake up at the same time daily.
  • Ensure a sleep-friendly & dark environment in your bedroom before sleep.
  • Stop blue-light device usage so that melatonin production increases & you feel sleepy as desired.
  • Avoid exercising before an hour or two of going to bed. Such stressful activities keep you from entering into rest mode.
  • Limit caffeine & similar stimulants before bedtime.
  • Use OTC or prescription medicines that promote sleep. However, prefer using these medicines occasionally otherwise you may develop addictiveness towards the same.

Get helped by a Professional

It’s extremely unhealthy to live with sleep problems. The very first thing you should do is to get in touch with a professional before & sharing your sleeplessness issues. Also, discuss the symptoms and their intensity so that they can prescribe medicines respectively.

If you see that it’s arthritis that’s causing troubles with your sleep schedule then understand the triggers. Start your treatment with effective oral medicines like Pain O Soma 350mg. No sooner your pain will be managed well & your sleep quality will be back on the track.

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