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What is Chronic Back Pain & How to Manage the Same?

Chronic Back Pain

You’re suffering from chronic back pain if you’ve been living with backache for three months or more. Though chronic back pain can come and go, patients only get temporary relief & a lot of frustration. Over the top, dealing with such backache feels more difficult if you don’t know the underlying cause.

Many adults are losing a big part of their income on back pain treatments. Moreover, they’re facing low quality of life because of chronic back pain. However, it is important not to lose hope & consult an expert for non-surgical treatments.

On one hand, where chronic back pain is severe, you also have effective treatment options like Pain O Soma. Let’s have a look at some recent data regarding the commonness of this back pain type.

Statistics on Chronic Back Pain

  • Some 16 million adults — 8 percent of all adults — experience persistent or chronic back pain, and as a result are limited in certain everyday activities.
  • Back pain is the sixth costliest condition in the United States. Health care costs and indirect costs due to back pain are over $12 billion per year.

Why do you get back pain?

A lot of factors could be responsible for chronic back pain. It includes congenital issues, sprains, and strains, degenerative problems like spondylosis and arthritis, or some sort of nerve problems.

Some believe that chronic back pain becomes more common as you age. Additionally, it could be triggered by your past injury too. Here are some medical conditions that might be triggering chronic backache:

  • Bulging of the disc or herniated disc problems
  • Unexplained muscular pain & tenderness AKA Myofascial pain syndrome

Which is the easiest way out for back pain relief?

Sometimes, chronic back pain does not diagnose by your physician. In other words, it’s difficult for a physician to coin out the specific cause of chronic back pain. Thus, you should consider getting a second opinion from a back pain specialist.

On the whole, you should avoid making hasty decisions in case of such severe back pain. Also, don’t opt for any surgical treatments without seeking an expert’s help. In many cases, chronic back pain can be treated well by oral medicines like Pain O Soma 350mg. This simply means that you don’t need to proceed with surgeries. Hence, if you make decisions blindly then the pain will only get worse.

What if the precise cause of chronic back pain isn’t diagnosed?

It makes sense that not all the time chronic back pain triggers are identified. In rare cases, it is not possible to drill down to the accurate cause of chronic back pain. But, treatment is inevitable & so you’ll have to work closely with your doctor. Share the symptoms of the back pain that you feel & discuss how to minimize the flare-ups. Doing so will help you deal with chronic back pain more manageably.

When should you think about surgery?

As mentioned above, surgery should not be the top-line treatment but the last hope when nothing works. If you fail with getting improvements after oral treatments then the surgery could help. Here are some red flags that indicate surgery is inevitable:

  • Any existing bowel or bladder issues
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Trouble in balancing
  • Gait problems
  • Evidence of brisk reflexes

Chronic back pain still has a chance of returning even after the surgery. Talk to your doctor before proceeding with one.

How can bed rest help?

One of the biggest prevailing myths regarding back pain is bed rest. Years ago, when patients had chronic back pain then they were advised to take complete bed rest for a month or two. It was believed that bed rest will give desired rest to the spine & things will get better with time.

Today’s generation of medical professionals doesn’t believe in bed rest for minimizing chronic back pain. Instead, they recommend continuing light routine activities along with gentle stretching. The logic is if you rest more your muscular movements do stiffen. On the other hand, if you keep moving then muscles will move and you can even track the progress of your back pain.

Instead of resting on the bed for months, you should create a comfortable bed for supporting spine health. For instance, try sleeping on your preferable side with a thicker pillow & keep a second pillow in between your knees. It’s all about the alignment of your body here that has positive impacts on the back. As time passes, you’ll witness gradual improvements & back pain will reduce.

5 Essentials for Managing Back Pain

1) Improve your posture

First things first, nothing beats physical therapy if you want to improve posture & strengthen your core. It also improves flexibility. Besides relieving back pain, it will also prevent it from returning. For more tips, consult a therapist so that you can take maximum benefits by just working out on posture improvements.

2) Focus on Nerve Stimulation

Nerve stimulation has two forms. Firstly, acupuncture is a type of nerve stimulation that has significant improvements in relieving back pain. Secondly, you may try TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) which blocks the painful signals without major side effects.

3) Massage can be helpful

Spinal manipulation and massage therapy are great ways to ease chronic back pain. The former aids in restoring the range of motion by addressing structural problems related to the spine.

4) Mental therapies are also essential

In many cases, patients suffering from intense back pain often slip into depression and anxiety. During such times, it is important to visit a therapist and talk about your physical issues. Even talk therapy can be very helpful in unloading mental stress. Also, it helps in pain management by preparing a mentally stronger version of you.

5) Stretching is the key

Yoga and similar stretching exercises do perform under the guidance of professional instructors. Stretching strengthens your muscles and also allows you to improve flexibility.

The Bottom Line

Chronic back pain can be relieved by oral pills like Pain O Soma 500mg. But, you should consult an expert before starting any treatment. As you know, you do suggest some alternative treatments that aid in back pain relief.

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