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Cenforce 100mg

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About Cenforce 100 (Sildenafil Citrate)

Cenforce 100 is one of the most amazing oral medications you’ll ever get to use for improving erections. In other words, it is a reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. It helps in boosting male libido, especially among men who have lost hopes that they’ll be able to enjoy sex as before. Buy Cenforce 100 mg online Viagra tablets that improve your sexual health.

This erectile dysfunction (ED) medication should be used upon prescription only. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as its major component, which helps in extending playtime with stronger erections. Each Cenforce 100 tablet contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate.

As you start using Cenforce 100, it will create positive impacts on your erectile health. For instance, if you failed to attain firm erections before, then you’ll start getting harder erections within a few minutes only. Not just this, you can satisfy sexual desires for 4 to 5 hours every time you use Cenforce 100. However, this ED pill should be used for boosting male sexual performance only. It does not promote sexual arousal. Also, it cannot heal any sexually transmitted diseases.

When to use Cenforce 100mg tablets?

You may use Cenforce 100mg tablet if prescribed by your healthcare provider for treating male impotence.

Benefits of Cenforce 100 Tablets

  • Improvement in the hardness of erections
  • Promotes longer playtime for up to 4 or 5 hours
  • Prevents softer erections
  • Boosts confidence among men regarding sex life
  • Fills your sex life with pleasure
  • Satisfactory climax become possible

Cenforce 100 Working Mechanism

The entire action mechanism of Cenforce 100 is based on the activation of Sildenafil Citrate. As soon as men initiate foreplay, Sildenafil activates in the bloodstream. After that, it releases stress in the lungs so that men can focus on sexual activity. Next, it works towards relieving strain around the smooth muscles of the pelvic organs.

Sildenafil plays a crucial role in boosting the cGMP enzyme production & preventing its breakdown. Due to this, the blood flows continuously towards the penis throughout sexual intercourse. This constant blood flow received by the penile chambers ensures stronger erections happen in no time. Also, it makes for prolonged erections so that men can enjoy sex for a longer duration (i.e. 4 to 5 hours).

Over the top, Cenforce 100 reduces reuptake duration. This means that men can fearlessly go ahead for the second or third round within the activeness timings of Cenforce 100 tablets.

When to avoid using Cenforce 100 mg Tablets?

Make sure you’ve discussed your current medical conditions and disclosed your medical history to the doctor before using this ED pill. Also, let your doctor know regarding your medicinal intake & allergies. This helps them decide whether or not you should use Cenforce 100mg tablets.

Here are some scenarios where it is clear that you should avoid using Cenforce 100:

  • If you’re a heart disease patient, have kidney or liver problems, eye problems like glaucoma, high blood sugar levels, etc.
  • In case if you’re allergic to Sildenafil or any non-active ingredient of this ED pill, then you should not use it.
  • Don’t use it if you’re already undergoing treatment with any other impotence medicine.
  • If you’re using any medicines which have conflicting reactions with Cenforce 100, then it’s a go!

How to use Cenforce 100?

  • You don’t have to be using an ED pill. But, it matters the way you’re having your impotence medicine.
  • Before you start using Cenforce 100, let us share that you should follow a routine & consume it at the same time daily. This helps in maintaining the effectiveness of Sildenafil in your bloodstream. However, do so if and only if your doctor wants you to use this ED pill every day.
  • Swallow one whole Cenforce 100mg pill with a glass of water before at least 30 or 45 minutes of sex. Foreplay gives enough time for Sildenafil to activate.
  • No matter you can use this impotence medicine with or without food, go with an empty stomach. By doing so, you’ll see faster effectiveness as compared to using it after meals.
  • Never have it along with alcoholic beverages or caffeinated drinks because it adds up to dizziness.

How to take missed/skipped doses?

Be worry-free if you forget to use Cenforce 100 mg tablet sometimes. It’s okay! Just make sure you don’t forget to take your dose more frequently, else you might not get results in the expected timings.

What to do in case of overdose?

It’s a serious issue if you’ve overdosed Cenforce 100. Go, find medical aid immediately. Keep one thing in mind that overdosing on Cenforce 100 will not make it effective faster. But, it will trigger rare side effects.

Side Effects

The common side effects of Cenforce 100 are as below:

  • Dizziness
  • Flushed face
  • Redness of skin
  • Vision changes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach pain
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the arms & legs
  • Body pain
  • Headache
  • Vomiting

These side effects are temporary & expectedly disappear once your body adjusts to Sildenafil Citrate. However, the following rare side effects should be immediately reported to the doctor:

  • Severe chest pain
  • Non-fading erections after 5 hours
  • Extremely painful erection
  • Pain while passing urine
  • Irregular heartbeat

How to deal with side effects?

Common side effects might not require immediate medical attention unless they’re not getting worse. But, you should find medical aid if you see rare side effects happening to you.

Precautionary Measures

  • Don’t use Cenforce without consulting the doctor.
  • Avoid doing any attention-requiring activities once you’ve used this ED medicine.
  • Report your allergies to the doctor (if any) before continuing Cenforce 100.

How to store Cenforce 100mg tablets?

Store Cenforce 100mg tablets away from direct heat or sunlight. Keep it away from the reach of children.


1) Does Cenforce 100 affect fertility?

It does not affect your sperm count because the entire working mechanism of this medicine is focused on boosting sexual performance. So, it does not affect fertility.

2) Can I get rid of ED permanently after using Cenforce 100mg tablets?

This ED pill cannot cure impotence completely. Cenforce can only reverse the effects of male impotence for as long as you’re taking this ED medicine. You may get back to the pre-medicine period once you stop using this or any other ED medicine.

3) Is Cenforce 100 safe for long-term use?

Yes, provided that you’re visiting your doctor at frequent intervals & confirming that you can continue using this ED pill.

 4) Does Cenforce 100 have abusive properties?

Cenforce 100mg is not abusive. In other words, you cannot get addicted to this ED pill even if you use it for a long time (even more than a year).

5) Can I use Cenforce 100 as a female sexual performance booster?

Cenforce 100mg is a male sexual performance booster medication. Don’t use it for women (especially during pregnancy & breastfeeding) or children below 18.

Cenforce Reviews

“It truly helps me keep going and get the most out of romance. This is a medicine that I will never be without. There are no negative side effects, and my partner is delighted with my efforts. I hope that more guys give it a shot.”

Cenforce 100 is a miracle drug. I took Cenforce 45 minutes before intercourse and, it worked like a charm. My entire relationship was saved because of these wonderful medications.”

7 reviews for Cenforce 100mg

  1. Anthony

    I’m always satisfied with the company, my shipment is always correct and within the time frame that was quoted, if I was able to change anything it would be getting my order faster, thank you

  2. Johnny

    Cenforce 100 change my life! I was suffering from erectile dysfunction problems for the last 5 months and I couldn’t find any way to manage this situation. Me and my wife fight continuously because of this weakness. I used Cenforce 100 for the last month and it helps me like a pro, Now we are spending a satisfying time.

  3. Morsy

    I am fully happy and satisfied after using Cenforce Tablet, I recommend to everyone take Cenforce 100 mg and enjoy your intimacy session. Thank you again for Online Drug Pills for fast shipping services.

  4. Wyatt Fisk

    I was kept fully informed of the progress of each stage of the order right through to delivery. Overall the service is excellent and extremely fast.

    Wyatt Fisk
  5. Lawrence Cini

    i am 35yrs old. Me and wife are very active in our sex life. But for the last few months Im having a hard time doing erections, in my mind and my body says yes, my penis is saying no. So I bought this Cenforce 100 thinking that it might help me and I was surprised that it is actually working on my behalf. It was really tough. I think it was a blast.

    Lawrence Cini
  6. christopher

    I found the website really helpful and an excellent source of information for the medication I wanted to take. The prices were the most competitive also. Easily the best online pharmacy in the USA for quality, information and pricing.

  7. finch

    Great customer care, easy to place orders online and the payment process was very easy and my package arrived on time. Totally recommendable.

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