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Beat Afternoon Slump & Get your Boost of Energy!

Beat Afternoon Slump & Get your Boost of Energy

The day at work has just begun and you’ve started thinking about lunchtime. As lunchtime gets over, you start feeling sleepy. Is this your everyday story? If yes, you need help!

We can say that cognitive boosters like Modalert 200 are here for a reason. What we’ve mentioned above is technically termed a mid-day or afternoon slump. You’re not alone if you lose focus after lunch hours & then rely on caffeine to stay awake. No wonder coffee gives you an instant boost, it is also a drink that influences your sleep cycle like anything. So, would you let caffeine affect your sleep regime?!

What is the way out then?

Such sensitive issues at the workplace brew demand for limitless pills like Modalert & Waklert. They’re specifically formulated to enhance brain performance right when desired. Also, they prevent sleepiness during the daytime & keep you away from excessive desires to sleep when unexpected. Before we explore them, let us learn more about the afternoon slump.

What causes mid-day tiredness aka afternoon slump?

If you look out for one reason, you’ll find many. The urge to have a piping hot cup of coffee points to something critical that is left unnoticed by many. Here are a few reasons that make you feel sleepy after lunch.

  • Insufficient sleep at night
  • Fewer physical activities i.e. not moving enough during the daytime
  • An imbalanced meal consisting of high carb & sugar
  • Suffering from narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, etc sleep disorders
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

The human body has a default timer called ‘circadian rhythm’. It tells you whenever your body needs rest. Additionally, it handles the responsibility of informing you regarding sleep & wake timings. It’s your circadian rhythm that makes you feel drowsy whether it is daytime or at night. In short, it is the way nature slips humans into refresh & recharge mode.

This circadian rhythm influences the energy levels you carry through the day. For instance, if you haven’t had enough sleep last night then you’ll start feeling low as afternoon arrives. So, the highs and lows of your energy levels are under the control of circadian rhythm only.

As per the National Sleep Foundation, a human being is prone to feel the strongest desire to sleep around 2 to 4 AM & 1 to 3 PM noon.

No wonder afternoon calls for undivided focus at work, you cannot afford to lose your mind to sleep. Here comes the demand for a shot of coffee or tea to stay alert and active. These hours could lower your energy levels, mood as well as patience. Even if you have a creative mind, you’ll probably think about lingering the task to the next day.

However, it is not possible to face such a critical sleepy scenario every day. Hence, you’ll have to find a way out to be as productive as possible. Here are a few suggestions that’ll help you out.

5 Legit Ways to Kick away your Afternoon Slump

1) Indulge in musical joy!

Music is therapy. It depends on how well you utilize this therapy at the workplace. You can smartly put on some energetic songs during these hours that can keep you from sleeping. On the contrary, such upbeat music can instantly make you switch from a dull to full of energy mood. You’ll be more focused & alert listening to mood booster songs.

Meanwhile, avoid any slow music that promotes sleepiness instead. If possible, tune into instrumental music so that it doesn’t take away your focus from work.

2) Avoid heavy/sugary meals at the workplace

What you eat at the office matters a lot. Though it is quite tempting to munch over pizza, doughnuts, or a bar of chocolate, they’ll make it difficult for you to conquer the afternoon slump. Generally, heavy/fatty/oily meals, as well as high sugar intake, are major contributors to mid-day tiredness.

Alternatively, you can rely on high-protein lunch along with some fresh seasonal fruits & healthy fats. Let us share some quick options:

  • Greek yogurt
  • String cheese
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dry fruit
  • Veggies
  • Hummus
  • Nuts
  • Nut butter

Many workers easily go gaga over snacking at the workplace too. So, if you belong to the snacking clan, you can have popcorn instead of chips. This can be shared with your co-workers too!

3) Drink water…a lot

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about preventing afternoon slumps or any other life activities, staying hydrated is always on the list. The organs of your body need at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day for functioning properly. After all, the human body is 60% of water.

Imagine the scenario when you’re dehydrated. Your heart pumps faster, and the organs of your body will constantly call for water. As a result, you’ll feel tired from whatever you do. This further leads to fatigue & lack of focus.

The best way to drink water at work, at home, or wherever you are is to carry a water bottle along. Make sure to have at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily. Don’t be afraid to replace any beverages with water because water is first!

4) Don’t be afraid to take a break

We know, it may seem weird to discuss ‘break’ while talking about productivity. But, a break is as important as work. Walking a few steps to the restroom and washing your face with tap water is no less than a break. A break can charge you up and fuel your mind with ideas that might not arrive when you’re at your desk. So, take a walk along the office lawn or walk downstairs. Spending such healthy minutes is not a waste of time.

All you need is to move!

5) Try Smart Drugs

Mostly, office people seek promotions and never want to face disappointment at the workplace. Also, shift workers are most concerned about safety. If they don’t sleep well & lose focus on the job then they may end up meeting accidents. So, the best way to keep awake & alert during work hours is to try smart drugs or limitless pills.

Modalert & Waklert are just a few instances of nootropics or limitless pills most popular among workers. They enhance cognitive performance, improve decision-making capabilities & also increase focus at work. These smart drugs are formulated to help users make the most out of active hours. Each pill can keep you active and alert for at least 12 hours of unstoppable energy. Isn’t it fantastic?! You’ll not even need a caffeine boost…

It gets easier to tackle challenges by making cent percent use of your brain. Moreover, they don’t affect your sleep regime for as long as you take them as indicated by your primary care provider. This makes them the coolest choice, don’t you agree?!

Is it possible to prevent an afternoon slump?

Honestly, it is not possible to alter your circadian rhythm. Your body will do what it is destined for. But, you can always ensure that your body doesn’t experience an afternoon slump by doing certain activities.

Firstly, get enough sleep at nighttime. When your body gets adequate rest, you’re less prone to feel sleepy during the day. This will also lower the chances of daytime fatigue.

Secondly, lower your caffeine intake. A cup of coffee can make you feel for a while, but it can ruin your health in many ways. Moreover, it is not recommended by many health experts due to its role in insomnia. If you don’t know, drinking coffee before 6 hours of your sleep time can delay your sleepiness to 40 minutes.

Lastly, have light lunch that fulfills your nutrition needs as well as calorific requirements. Also, don’t forget to drink water and stay hydrated.

The Takeaway

Coffee and sleep apnea are linked closely. So, don’t ruin your sleep regime with excess coffee consumption. By the time you’ve explored this blog, you now know how to kick away mid-day tiredness at work and feel nothing like an afternoon slump effortlessly. If you’re interested in buying 100% genuine smart drugs then go ahead and explore our range of authentic nootropics today!

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