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Careprost for Eyelashes is the New Beauty Hack

Careprost for Eyelashes

Careprost eyelash serum is trending among the millennial and older generation for a reason. It is the legit way for achieving longer, denser & stronger eyelashes naturally.

Generally, women are crazy about enhancing facial beauty. On the other hand, facial beauty seems heavenly when you have naturally thick, long & voluminous eyelashes. With this said, many women feel that they don’t have attractive lashes. Thus, they start using fake eyelashes available in different sizes in the beauty market. Moreover, they apply mascara to their lashes to fake darker and denser eyelashes.

If you’re someone who relates to this scenario then you’ll rush to buy Careprost. Let’s have a deep insight regarding this magical & natural eyelash growth serum in this blog.

What is Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum?

Careprost eyelash growth serum was not originally formulated for boosting lash growth. It is known as Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution that makes for 0.03% composition of these eye drops. In a nutshell, it is an effective treatment for improving conditions like open-angular glaucoma. The patients suffering from this disease experience increased pressure in their eyes.

When patients were prescribed Careprost Eye Drops for decreasing pressure in the eyes, they witnessed impressive results with lash growth. Though it was just a side effect, it gave birth to a natural eyelash growth promoter called Careprost. After that, Eye Drops started being prescribed for boosting hair follicle growth in the upper eyelashes.

Thus, not only women but men also started using Careprost for lash growth.

In other words, if you’re looking for an affordable and sustainable way to grow eyelashes then Careprost is all you need. But, make sure to use it for open angular glaucoma or lash growth only after consulting the doctor.

Grow Beautiful Eyelashes Naturally with Careprost Eye Drops

You may wonder, how is Eye Drops used for lash growth? Here’s your answer!

As mentioned above, Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution contains Bimatoprost in 0.03% concentration. For glaucoma, releases pressure from the nerves and gives a soothing effect. As a result, the increased pressure in the eyes starts decreasing and the patient finds relief. In case of eyelash growth, Bimatoprost stimulates the growth of lash hair follicles. In a nutshell, it just gives the push your lash hair follicles need to foster healthily and naturally.

Mostly, doctors prescribe Careprost eyelash serum with Vega Brush so that it is easy for the user to apply the serum. Alongside, they give dosage and safety instructions for users to apply it without meeting any unpleasant consequences.

Here is the ideal way to apply Careprost serum for eyelashes:

  • Wash and rinse your hands clean before using this lash serum
  • Open the bottle cap, take the brush & put a drop of Careprost eyelash serum on the applicator brush hair
  • Now start applying the serum to your upper eyelash base by making sure that Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution does not touch the lower lashes
  • Move the brush to the left and right upper lash bases one after the other. Do this right before going to bed so that the solution settles well and promotes lash hair growth as desired.
  • If you don’t have an applicator brush then you may use cotton bud alternatively.
  • Wash and rinse your hands clean after applying the serum. Don’t touch the dropper tip else it will be contaminated.

Warning! Never apply eyelash serum if you’re wearing contact lenses. Always remove your contact lenses before applying this serum. Wear them again after at least half an hour of applying Careprost for lashes. Also, remove your eye makeup before applying eye drops.

How long does it take for Careprost lash serum to give results?

The minimum duration for seeing the effectiveness of Careprost lash serum is two to three weeks. In other words, you’ll witness the growth, thickness & volume of your eyelashes. You’ll get your dream eyelashes without burning pockets.

What is the frequency of applying Careprost for lash hair growth?

Well, this depends on the user’s requirements. In some cases, users are prescribed to apply Careprost regularly until a certain period. After that, they’re required to apply once or twice per week for maintaining the results. Hence, it is better to know your ideal application duration from your healthcare provider.

Does lash growth last permanently?

Though Careprost eyelash serum gives impressive results with beautiful eyelashes in no time, it is not a permanent solution. It promotes lash hair growth naturally. But, if you stop applying this serum then your eyelashes will bounce back to their original state. In short, you’ll see the effectiveness of eyelash growth serum if and only if you stick to its application regime. Consult your doctor for clarification.

Careprost Eye Drops Reviews

“I had dreams of having celebrity-inspired eyelashes; I can’t even tell you how many tricks and beauty products I’ve attempted to get the same result. Sadly, I cannot achieve natural results. One fine day, my friend who started seeing results with Careprost suggested I try this serum. I was cautious enough to consult my doctor first. Once approved, I started applying Careprost for eyelash growth. I cannot explain the happiness I am living since week one. It has given my eyes a transformational look I had dreamt of. It has made my wish granted at no extra cost. Thank you Careprost!”

Turning to Careprost Eyelash Serum is a better decision!

Fancy eyelash products are heavy on your pockets so it is a smarter decision to use prescription products like Careprost. If you’re only dreaming about praiseworthy eyelashes then it’s action time now. You can buy Careprost eyelash serum online at affordable prices. What are you waiting for?! Consult your healthcare provider today & get your approval.

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